Our First Science Demo Games Are Up

We’ve got great news, Legend! Our first set of curriculum-based science games is now available for demo. If you want to try the games for yourself, fill out this form.


The sample games have been built out for the following learning objectives:

Remember, this is just the beginning. In March, we roll out hundreds of games for 90 lessons across Earth and Space, Life, and Physical Sciences. After completing the science games, Legends of Learning will expand into other subjects and grades.

Even if you are not a science teacher, you might want to refer colleagues, right?

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word, and become a Legend of Learning!

Exploring Wonder and the NGSS with Paul Andersen

This past week Legends of Learning attended the Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) science conference in Rochester, New York. Paul Andersen keynoted the event.

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A Man and His Battery: Breaking World Records with Chip Yates

Legends of Learning was in sunny Palm Springs last month for the California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) annual conference. California has always been known as a progressive state, whether its in the area of environmental protection or tech innovation, so it was no surprise that they selected Chip Yates as their keynote speaker.

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Deep Sea Science Lessons

The Legends of Learning marketing team attended the North Carolina Science Teachers Association (NCSTA) PDI conference and the New Jersey Science Convention in the past two weeks. Both conferences featured outstanding keynotes on underwater exploration; National Geographic’s Erika Bergman discussed becoming an aquanaut and Titanic Explorer David Gallo delved into the mysteries of the sea.

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Legendary Keynotes at AMLE

After making more than 1000 teachers sing If You’re Happy and You Know It (we kid you not, Legends, see the below picture), the American Mid-Level Educators 2016 Conference kicked off with a general session featuring Derek McCoy, Debbie Silver, John Bernia, and Marlena Gross-Taylor, all educators and administrators working in Middle Schools. Each had a mini keynote, and here are some of their legendary comments.

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