Add Assessment Packs
to Your Playlists

When you create a playlist of games, you can add quiz questions as a pre-test, post-test, or game break. Below the playlist, click the “Assessments” tab, and then the “New Assessment” button. Choose how many questions you’d like, then drag the assessment to the desired spot in the playlist.

Assessments provide lots of student performance data that you can track. Individual answers and class-wide trends show up in real time. To view every student’s answer data in a table, click the “Question Data” button.

Once the playlist is finished, you can download the data in a convenient CSV file. Every playlists stores students’ answers, so you can revisit this information anytime in the “Playlists” tab.

Use assessment packs to seamlessly check progress during a game-based learning session. Log in and build a playlist with assessments today!

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