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As an administrator, you are responsible for the overall management and success of teachers and students alike. The decisions you make impact the way teachers educate their students, which inevitably impacts the students’ ability to learn and succeed. One of the most important decisions you face is how to best create a curriculum that not only provides teachers with the tools and resources they need to teach their students, but a curriculum that engages students and enhances their learning experience.

Fortunately, Legends of Learning has created an online educational game-based learning platform which offers seamless curriculum integration and enhances blended learning techniques and methods.

How Our Games Benefit Districts & Schools

Fun & Engaging For Students
Fun & Engaging For Students

Teachers are able to both engage and teach students through interactive games & assessments.

Curriculum Aligned Lesson Plans
Curriculum Aligned Lesson Plans

Adhere to curriculum standards & increase student engagement simultaneously.

Adhere To State & National Standards
Adhere To State & National Standards

Our online educational games & lesson plans align with Common Core, NGSS, SOL, NGSSS, TEKS & GSE standards.

Easy Implementation
Easy Implementation

Our games and lesson plans integrate with your LMS & SIS systems.

Data Backed Research & Results
Watch Student Test Scores Soar
Students see an average increase in test scores by 1/2 a letter grade when they play our games.
Teachers Love Our Games
92% of teachers who tried our games want to keep using them in their lessons.
Eliminate Performance Gaps
FRPL students who play our games closed the equivalent of 1/5 of the performance gap in just three weeks.
Reach Students With Special Needs
Students receiving special education services become significantly more confident on topics after playing our learning games.
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