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Earth and Space Sciences

Bubble Eclipse

Learning Objective: Eclipses and Seasons

Walter's Travels - Eclipses and Seasons

Learning Objective: Eclipses and Seasons

Life Sciences

EcoKingdoms: Growth of Populations

Learning Objective: Factors Influencing Growth of Individuals and Populations

Learning Objective: Reconstructing Evolutionary History Using Fossils

Physical Sciences


Learning Objective: Wave Model of Light

What's Your Reaction?

Learning Objective: Equal and Opposite Reactions: Newton's Third Law

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About Our Games

Welcome, Legend! Please enjoy these six of the 900 Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Sciences games available on the Legends of Learning platform. Our full set of games covers 90 Learning Objectives spanning the full middle grade science curriculum.

These examples highlight one game from each from a learning objective. Our 90 learning objectives each have approximately 10 games. They work on devices you would find in schools – Chromebooks, newer iPads, and laptops – but will not work on smartphones.

Teachers who create an account receive 3000 complimentary coins — $300 worth of games — for free. There is no obligation to provide payment details. If teachers want more coins, they can buy them or provide feedback via our ambassador community, reviews, and shares to earn more.

Our games build on Vanderbilt University’s new research study about game-based learning (GBL). It found that students who played games as part of their regular curriculum were much more engaged and outperformed their peers. Visit to learn more!

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