In testimonial after testimonial we hear that students love playing Legends of Learning games. Often we are told, they are having so much fun, they forget they are actually learning! 


And we, wholeheartedly believe, that this is the best way to learn… through play.


In this spirit, we have been steadily progressing on our flagship “Legends of Learning: Awakening” game. You may have noticed mention of it in our platform. You may have heard your students ask about it. However, you might not know everything Awakening has to offer!


So without further ado… Here are 5 things you might not know about Legends of Learning: Awakening!


1 – Freeplay is Awakening

When you create an assignment, the first time your students play it, they are asked to create an avatar. The student’s avatar is visible during “assessment battles” if you choose to add assessments to your assignment and when the student enters “Freeplay.”



Upon completion of the assignment, students are taken to “Freeplay Mode” for as long as you allow them to continue playing. The first time a student enters Freeplay, they enter the world of Awakening. They are taken through a 5 battle tutorial and then get to their “base.”


Within the base students can customize their avatar in the “Customization Chamber,” find and play any Math or Science mini-game with the “Mini-Game Browser,” add their friends using “Hero Connect” (where they can see their friends stats and Avatars), and go out on fun and educational adventures outside the base.



While on adventures, students face off against monsters in battles. During each battle, students get science or math questions at the beginning of each round. Getting a question right rewards the students with special powers during the battle.


Of note: Awakening is actually progressing students through grade appropriate, curriculum-aligned standards, within Math and Science with the questions that are presented.  



At the end of each battle, students are offered mini-games relevant to the topic they are currently answering questions within. These mini-games offer further learning opportunities within that topic.



2 – You Can See Awakening Play and Performance Data `

When your students are playing Awakening and progressing through topics within standards, you can see their progress and performance within the Student Driven section of the Standards Report. 



Simply click “Reports” in the navigation bar. The default report is “By Standard.” Look for the student driven toggle and click it. You will now see student performance within Awakening (assuming your students have been playing).


And soon we will be adding mini-game plays and playtime to the report!


3 – There Are Mobile Versions of Awakening

Legends of Learning: Awakening is available for Android and iPhone. Students can find the games in the App or Play stores by searching for “Legends of Learning: Awakening.” There are also QR Codes available, for easier access, when students are logging in to Legends of Learning. 



The mobile version are a bit different than Awakening web, but still offer academic rigor in the form of questions students can elect to answer correctly for battle bonuses!



4 – You Can Get a Teacher Avatar

When you create an assignment using Legends of Learning and you are taken to the “Assignment View,” there is a “Try” button. If you click that button you will experience the assignment just like your students. That means the first time you try an assignment you will be asked to create an avatar. 



Your avatar will show up in the upper right of Legends of Learning, next to your name and teacher code. If you click your Avatar, you will see a full sized snapshot. We have some very cool things planned for teacher Avatars so stay tuned!



5 – The Awakening World is Still Growing

Awakening awards your students seasonal items if they log in on specific dates. They can get special holiday avatar items, as well as cool base themes for the mobile versions of the game, depending on the season. We have so far released a summer themed base, a spooky fall halloween base, and a winter wonderland base with more to come! 




The world of Awakening has really just begun…


This amazing and educational world will continue to grow, providing new opportunities and different ways for all types of students to engage.


But, we can’t give away too much info just yet so stay tuned for more updates on Awakening!


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