Create Legendary Custom Playlists

Did you know that you can fully customize Legends of Learning playlists for individual students’ needs?

Get Started: Drag, Drop, and Adjust

First, create a new playlist. Drag some games into it, and add assessment packs as you wish. Next, adjust the playlist’s length by dragging the “30 Minutes” slider to the left or right. Your playlist can last anywhere from three to 60 minutes.

Customize with Playlist Tracks

Students learn at different levels, so maybe your students don’t all need to be playing the same combination of games. A playlist can have multiple tracks, which are essentially additional playlists that run parallel to each other at the same time.

That way, you can differentiate the game-based learning experience based on different students’ needs. Click the “Add New Track” button to create one, and assign each track to a separate group of students.

Create a playlist today, and customize it with all the games and assessments your students need!

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