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Are you a master of facts?  Have you ever wanted to beat adults in a trivia game?  Trivia games can often be one-sided; how can a kid compete with an adult who has more knowledge?

Calliope Games and Richard Garfield (the inventor of Magic the Gathering) designed Hive Mind, a trivia game that puts all players on equal footing.  Can you design the next great trivia game?

In the Design Your Own Trivia Game competition, students will compete to design the next great trivia game for kids!

About the Competition

Students can work by themselves or with up to three (3) other fellow students on a team (for a team size of up to 4 students).

You will not be required to physically build the game.  You just need to describe the game and provide instructions for how it’s played and what it teaches.

The purpose of the competition is to have fun and be creative.  Brainstorming and completion of the design document should take somewhere between two (2) to five (5) hours.

Students will put forth their best ideas and a panel of judges will pick ten (10) winners.  The two (2) grand prize winners will each receive a $150 prize packs plus an opportunity to meet with the Calliope team, discuss their vision for the game, and learn about the game design process.   The eight (8) runner up teams will each receive $50 prize packs of Calliope products.

EVERY team that submits an idea will receive a 20% discount code to purchase Calliope Games!

Please review the rules of the competition in the “Instructions and Design Document” below.  Questions regarding the competition can be submitted by email to


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The competition will formally open on September 15th, 2020.

All participants must register using the “Sign Up Now!” button above, before submitting their final submission.

All submissions will be due by 11:59 pm PST on October 30th, 2020. Submissions must be sent to and in accordance with all provided competition guidelines.  Confirmation of submission will be provided upon receipt via email.

The winners will be announced by November 30th, 2020.



Instructions and Design Document Google Document

Instructions and Design Document PDF



Grand Prize Winners:

  • The Wonder Wolves (Calvert County Public Schools, MD)
  • Wayne’s Class (Latin School of Chicago, IL)

Runner Up Winners:

  • The Three Amigos (Lutheran Schools of Ohio, OH)
  • Addison Meyer (Ankeny Community School District, IA)
  • Challengers (Norlights International School, Oslo, Norway)
  • Asa and Andrew (Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, NC)
  • Aces (Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL)
  • Team MC (The School District of Philadelphia, PA)
  • The Three Musketeers (The School District of Philadelphia, PA)


About Calliope Games

This competition is sponsored by a generous grant from Calliope Games.

Calliope Games is a family-run company publishing fun, affordable, quality tabletop games meeting the time constraints of our busy 21st-century lifestyles since 2009. We pride ourselves on creating games that are easy to learn, fun to play, and accessible to gamers of all ages. Our mission is about facilitating experiences people will remember for a lifetime; it’s about the relationships, camaraderie, and the laughter we share. That’s what’s truly important.



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