Earth Day Activities and Ideas

Games, lesson plans, playlists, ideas and projects.

Are you looking for Earth Day activities, ideas or projects for your students? You’ve come to the right place. The Legends of Learning resource page provides access to free public Earth Day games, some Earth Week lesson plans to go along with those games, and a wide variety of curated activities and resources.

Earth Day Games

Looking for engagement and learning at the same time? Legends of Learning has published six Earth Day games on the public Internet. Interested parties can please these curricula games without signing on to the larger Legends of Learning platform (which has more than 1000 science games for grades 3-8 altogether).

A series of six Legends of Learning games published on the open web for Earth Day.

Play Our Earth Day Games Today!

Find the games here.

Earth Day Activities, Projects and Resources

Looking for activities and ideas to do more in your classroom for this Earth Day? You’re in luck. Check out these two mega-lists of things to do to learn about the environment.

Earth Day Lesson Plans and Playlists

If you want a more formal lesson for Earth Week, two of our ambassadors volunteered lesson plans for the big day. In addition, if you have a free Legends of Learning teacher account, five ambassadors have suggested playlists for a wider sampling of games.

The Earth Day Opportunity

Teachers across the country have a unique opportunity to engage their students in science this Earth Day.

  Every April, science takes center stage at school with Earth Day activities, often dubbed Earth Week depending on your district. The days leading up to Earth Day offer teachers a great opportunity to heighten student interest in the environment and science as a whole. Engaging students in science requires a variety of techniques. A simple lecture will not suffice. Instead, use a range of Earth Day activities and projects in the field, in the classroom, and online to make environmental concepts come alive. In addition to the resources offered on this page, you can find critical resources to help across the web:

If you have additional Earth Day resources for teachers, please contact us. We will review and share appropriate resources.

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