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Below, find six free online Earth Day games from Legends of Learning. We’ve opened these games to the public to provide a service to teachers and parents looking to educate their children about the environment for Earth Day (or Earth Week, depending on your school district).

In addition to these games, Legends of Learning has also published more than a hundred Earth Day ideas and activities on our larger Earth Day Activities page. There you will also find lesson plans and projects for four of the six games.

These six games are part of our larger library of 100 Earth and Space, Life, and Physical science games for elementary and middle school grades 3-8! Teachers can play games in their classroom for free with no obligations.

Find more details below about the sample Earth Day games.

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Earth and Space Sciences


Learning Objective: Global Climate Change

The Mayor

Learning Objective: Greenhouse Effect

Ocean Fun

Learning Objective: Influence of Oceans on Weather and Climate

Water Forge

Learning Objective: The Water Cycle and Weather Patterns

Weather Ride

Learning Objective: The Water Cycle and Weather Patterns.


Natural Resources

Learning Objective: Natural Resources

About Our Games

Greenman and the Global Climate Change – Estimated Duration: 12 minutes

In this game you are the superhero, “Greenman,” and you have been charged with saving the Earth. The dangerous greenhouse effect is on its way and you must use Dr. Knowell’s lasers to save us all. Jump from platform to platform to collect objects while avoiding the rising waters. You have to know the difference between what will help us and what will make the greenhouse effect worse! Can you save us all? Part of the Global Climate Change learning objective.

The Mayor – Estimated Duration: 10 minutes

What would you do if you were mayor and your city was contributing to the greenhouse effect? That is what you will have to figure out in this game. How will you use the city budget to help or hurt the progression of the greenhouse effect? Every choice has a consequence. If you can make it to the end of your term without making things worse, you win! The Mayor is part of the Greenhouse Effect learning objective.

Natural Resources – Estimated Duration: 10 minutes

Where do we find natural resources, and how are they used? To learn, click on a continent and discover the renewable and nonrenewable natural resources found at that location. Decide which resources you would like to build so you can maximize the production of energy while keeping costs low. Each time you play, experiment with new ways of building resources and spending your money differently to reach your goal. Part of the Natural Resources learning objective.

Ocean Fun – Estimated Duration: 17 minutes

Ocean Fun players will take a journey all over the world and learn about the ocean’s different characteristics. There are different mini-games that you will have to play to get to different learning modules in the game. You will get to use your hand-eye coordination to control a submarine in the deep sea and test your skill with a puzzle. You can find the game in the Influence of Oceans on Weather and Climate.

Battle of Wits – Water Forge – Estimated Duration: 15 minutes

Take on the monsters as you battle them with your wits! In this game, you will battle monsters using your knowledge of the water cycle and weather patterns. If you answer the question correctly, the number of points on the card will be taken from your opponent, knocking them down! Take away all of the points before you lose yours so that you can knock out the monster! Part of the Water Cycle and Weather Patterns learning objective.

The Weather Ride – Estimated Duration: 21 minutes

Go on an adventure in the atmosphere! Can you navigate nature? Or learn to ride the winds? Take control of a hot air balloon taxi and help people get to their destination. In this game, knowledge of air currents and pressure systems is vital to the success of your mission. Good luck with the weather! Pay attention so you can ace the quiz at the end!
Part of the Water Cycle and Weather Patterns learning objective.

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