Information for Parents

Legends of Learning provides an engaging educational experience for at-home learning. Kids will love the educational games on the platform, and parents love the data that comes out as they automatically progress. Here are the two modes for learning from home:

Option 1 (Student Driven):

Let Your Child Play, Progress, and Learn

Simply have your child sign up and play Awakening for FREE at

Your child will be able to 

 – Access thousands of instructional games addressing all 3rd-8th grade school standards in science and math!

 – Answer grade appropriate questions to win battle bonuses!

 – Create and customize an avatar!

 – Engage in exciting battles and adventures!


Just have your child go to, create an account and play Awakening!

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Option 2 (Parent Driven):

Be Your Child’s Teacher at Home

Did you know you can sign up for a teacher account to structure your child’s assignments and track their progress?

It’s as easy as going to, signing up for a FREE teacher account, watching our tutorials, and creating fun and engaging assignments for your child. Our games are proven, through extensive educational research, to improve your child’s academic performance in Math and Science!

Check out how simple it is to create a game and question playlist here:


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See how Legends of Learning can be used for Distance Learning!

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