Full Stack Engineer

Job: Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer | Remote

Join us to help build the future of game based learning! 

About Legends of Learning

We believe children need education heroes: teachers dedicated to using new, engaging methods to teach their curriculum.  Legends of Learning helps teachers transform classrooms into fun and productive learning environments. We’ve built a marketplace filled with an epic range of curriculum-based games. The games are shown by ongoing original research to strengthen subject mastery and up classroom engagement.

Our first missions are Mathematics and Life/Earth+Space/Physical Sciences. Math and Science teachers can don their capes with more than 2,000 Legends of Learning K-8 math and science games. The games align with many of the most popular learning standards. We’re planning to add more subjects and grades in the future.

The Legends of Learning Platform is a marketplace with 2,000+ educational games used by over 5M students in 50K schools. We’re growing fast! We are also the creators of Awakening, a 3D multiplayer adventure learning game for iOS/Android/Web. We are a fully remote organization based out of the DMV (Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD and Virginia). Our engineering and game studio teams are spread throughout North and South America.

About This Position

We are looking for an Engineer that…

  • looks both ways before crossing the street (i.e. planning is paramount)
  • always leaves the campground cleaner than they found it (i.e. commitment to quality & testing)
  • puts team above self: talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships (i.e. accountability to team over self)
  • strives to understand context before coming to a conclusion, nostalgia is an illness for those who haven’t realized that today is tomorrow’s nostalgia (i.e. no decision is sacred)
  • believes not only are our actions but also our omissions become our destiny (i.e. transparency ensures effective development)
  • control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement (i.e. anti-ivory tower leadership model)
  • doesn’t find fault; finds a remedy (i.e. foster a no-blame, problem solving, learning environment)
  • always looks for opportunities to extend the “T” (i.e. expand the vertical and horizontal shape of our T-shape)

As a member of the Platform Engineering team, you will…

  • build and maintain technical solutions in support of game based learning for our students, teachers, administrators, and parents
  • work with product managers and designers to directly influence the user experience of desktop and mobile interfaces for our teaching and learning platforms
  • participate in a lean, agile development process including daily standups, software design, frequent pair programming, effective testing and code review, CI/CD, feature flagging, and application performance monitoring. 

This position starts at $100,000 USD includes stock options, US employee benefits, and flexibility in work hours and locations.


What we play with everyday

Our tech stack includes: Elixir / Phoenix, React, Typescript, GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, Unity, C# / .NET, Kubernetes, Docker, TimescaleDB, DataDog, Github, Buildkite and AWS. 

Minimum Requirements

  • You can contribute in multiple areas of the tech stack, have demonstrated professional experience working with Elixir and React.
  • You have several years experience working on web apps in production environments.
  • Located in the Western Hemisphere and available for full time collaboration on US Eastern or Central time zones. This is a remote position.

If interested:

Send resume to legendary-recruiting@legendsoflearning.com. This position is being sourced internally, recruiters will not receive a response.

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