Legendary Professional Development Program

Educators are heroes, but even heroes need good tools. Our Legendary Professional Development Program helps provide teachers with those tools.

Our synchronous and asynchronous instructor-led in-person PD and virtual webinars help ensure educators make the most of Legends of Learning.  The PD below is included with all school and district licenses, and can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Introduction to Legends of Learning – In this session, educators will receive a comprehensive overview of our game-based platform: learn how to get students set up, create playlists, manage assignments, view student data, and more!  The session also highlights best practices of using Legends as a remote/distance learning tool and provides guidance surrounding how to best integrate Legends with existing resources.
  • Legends of Learning Refresher and Feature Updates – Welcome back to teachers that have used Legends of Learning in the past!  This session provides a brief overview of the new features we offer.
  • Quick Start – Short on time? This session is the fastest way to get started with Legends of Learning. This course will not cover all enhanced features that Legends of Learning offers.

We also offer a supplemental PD series that explores why kids love games and how to use the key attributes of gaming in your classroom.  This is not included in standard licenses.  You can find more information here.

For more information, please email heroes@legendsoflearning.com

We look forward to giving your superhero educators a new tool, and some superhero capes!

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