August 2020 Administrator Newsletter

Cori Perrella

AKA “The Innovator”
Advanced Co-Curricular Teacher Specialist – Anne Arundel County Public Schools, MD

August 2020 Administrator Newsletter Image

Today’s extraordinary circumstances present new challenges for educators across the globe. How do we keep students excited and engaged about school while learning from home? At the onset of COVID-19 and school closures, Dr. Corrinne Perrella (“The Innovator”), Advanced Co-Curricular Teacher Specialist for Anne Arundel Public Schools, reached out to Legends of Learning for a solution.

“It has been such a joy to share my passion for game-based learning with students and teachers. I have always loved learning through purposeful play; risk-taking, strategic thinking, problem-solving, analysis, making connections are inherent to higher-order thinking and promoted through gameplay.” Cori also shares that everyone has fun while learning math and science – whether in class or at home – through the Legends of Learning platform. While teaching middle school science in Georgia, she assigned a playlist as a test prep review and was amazed to see the positive energy being put into a review. Yes, students were not only engaged, but also reinforcing their knowledge because they were learning while playing a game.

The Innovator’s favorite moment this past month was after a professional development session. She had partnered with the Legends of Learning team to host a three-hour course on game-based learning and how to incorporate it in hybrid/virtual learning environments. After the course, she noticed a teacher had posted the following comment on Twitter, “loving this game-based learning PD”. Hearing a teacher had fun while participating in a three-hour course was the highlight of her month!

With the first day of school quickly approaching, Cori and her Legendary teachers have confidence their students will return to the virtual classroom for fun, engaging, and motivating resources through Legends of Learning!

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