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Teacher Qs

Can I add my own questions to the games?

No. Legends of Learning develops the questions, which go through a rigorous vetting and leveling process to ensure alignment with core learning objectives.

Can I differentiate based on groups or students within my class?

Yes, you can create multiple playlists for different groups within a single classroom. The lists run concurrently, allowing you to “personalize” learning.

How do I share progress with students and parents?

Besides exportable CSV files, you can print results to PDF to show progress to students and parents.

How do I share Legends of Learning with my principal? What should I tell them?

You should tell your principal that Legends of Learning is a unique, new platform that teaches science content using edgames. It will be available for demo this spring. Please contact us for a demo.

How do I download the data for my grade book?

You can export Legends of Learning data in CSV format via the teacher dashboard.

What is the teacher’s role in effectively facilitating Legends of Learning?

Legends of Learning reinforces teacher’s lessons. A teacher should view the platform as a supplementary tool to their existing lesson plans and teaching methods. Many teachers use Legends of Learning for content reinforcement and lesson enrichment.

I would like to give feedback on the games, how do I do so?

We love customer feedback! You can review games within the platform. Also, please consider joining our Ambassador network so that you can work with developers directly. Contact us to start! Finally, you can always email us at support@legendsoflearning.com.

How long will game access be free?

There is always a level of free access available to teachers. There are no obligations to play games in your classroom.

Your amount of free access depends on your activity level in our Ambassador community. Ambassadors earn credits for more games through all kinds of activities, such as working with game developers or helping other Ambassador teachers use the games more effectively. To become an Ambassador, sign up here.

Administrator Qs

How can my district pilot Legends of Learning?

Please contact us directly via this form.

Can I make assessments on the platform?

Teachers can offer assessment questions in each playlist the launch. Assessment data can be downloaded after a playlist is completed via the teacher dashboard. You can learn more about assessments here via our Application Help documentation.

Is there a weekly data summary for all grades and schools that I can view to monitor progress?

Currently, teachers can monitor analytics in class. Legends of Learning will offer comprehensive usage and performance analytics later in 2017.

Is Legends of Learning a core curriculum?

No. Legends of Learning currently offers a supplementary curriculum for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Can I sort student performance data so it is aligned to standards?

This function will be available in a future version of the Legends of Learning platform. Right now you can see results by game, each of which is aligned to specific lesson objectives.


How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to hear you want to cancel your subscription. Please email support@legendsoflearning.com and request cancellation. 


How do you ensure content is accurate and aligned with standards?

We use a rigorous content quality testing process that includes teachers, external curriculum experts, and our internal academic team. Each group of games is reviewed to match the content standard, whether it is based on NGSS or specific state standards.

Is Legends of Learning developing games for other subjects and grades?

Yes, we are in the midst of launching science games for grades 3-5. These complement our existing games for grades 6-8.

Eventually, we will build games for every topic within the core curriculum. We have not yet decided which content to develop beyond science yet, but stay tuned. More is coming soon!

Are the games teacher reviewed?

Yes. Every game comes with teacher and student reviews so that educators know how the games were received in the classroom before adding it to their playlist(s). In addition, all games are reviewed by our curriculum staff, teacher Ambassadors, and the outside curricular experts. Games are distinguished by I or M as an instructional mastery game, and Q if they are questions-based efforts.

Do you need teachers and schools to help you develop more games?

Yes. We need teachers who would like to work with game developers to develop content for new games. Please fill out our Ambassador application if you would like to get involved.


How much time does Legends of Learning require to achieve results?

Generally, the research that Legends of Learning is based on indicates that results will become obvious within six weeks. Legends of Learning works within specific learning objectives or lesson topics. Progress should be measured against the amount of time a lesson on a particular subject takes. So, if a teacher is covering one topic during a week using the games to supplement lessons, then the games success should be measured by overall performance during that time period.

Can I purchase Legends of Learning if I am a parent or individual consumer?

Nothing can prevent an individual from signing up for a teacher and learning with a free teacher account. However, Legends of Learning is intended for educators and students.

How can I buy these games for my school?

There are two easy ways to get more access to the games.

  1. Contact us about a one-year license.
  2. Become an Ambassador and provide regular feedback on our games. Ambassadors earn free game credits for their classroom through participation in our online community.

Do you only offer games for middle school science?

Legends of Learning expand beyond middle school science subjects to offer grades 3-5 elementary school science games in the winter of 2018. Additional subjects and grades will be launched at a later date.

How often do new games come out?

New games come out periodically and are announced online and via our email newsletter. As of March 2018, Legends of Learning will offer more than 1000 science games for grades 3-8. You can sign up for the newsletter here in the section by the footer.

What does it mean to launch a playlist?

Launching a playlist” means you are ready to share a series of games created by an educator with your students immediately. The playlist generates unique codes for the students so that they can begin game play.

How does Legends of Learning work?

Legends of Learning is a game based learning (GBL) platform that gives educators the unique ability to launch a “playlist” of curriculum-based games for students, aligned to current content standards.

Games last anywhere from 5-30 minutes a piece, with the capability of making your playlist anywhere from 5-60 minutes long. You also have the option of selecting “free play” so that students can play any game they want within the selected learning objective.

School Qs

How can my school become a pilot site?

Please contact us directly via this form.

Is professional development available to support integration in the classroom?

With the purchase of Legends of Learning, schools receive professional development via a virtual webinar. For large district purchases, on-site professional development can be provided.  Contact us for details. You can also view a virtual training session here.

Can I view my students’ progress by standard? Class or grade?

Legends of Learning will offer comprehensive usage and performance analytics later in 2017. At the moment, teachers can view progress by classrooms.

Can I use Legends of Learning with students over the summer?

Legends of Learning is a cloud platform, meaning you can access the games at any time throughout the year.


Why Is Legends of Learning blocked at my school/district?

Please have your school or district’s IT department unblock our domains. Have them unblock:

* legendsoflearning.com (http://legendsoflearning.com/)
* play.lol

For clarity, your IT team should not limit to www prefix or alpha subdomain. Rather, they should unblock the above three domains in their entirety including all subdomains. (An example of a subdomain: www.legendsoflearning.com (http://www.legendsoflearning.com/), vs. legendsoflearning.com (http://legendsoflearning.com/)).

We are happy to speak to your IT department to take care of this. If you have a contact there, that will help and probably speed things up. Email us at support[@]legendsoflearning.com. Otherwise we will search for the right contact.

What happens to teachers’ and students’ personal data?

Legends of Learning does not collect personal data from students. If you buy a license, we will work with your school to provide you usage data, but we will never store or use student data in any way. See our privacy policy for more information.

Do I have to download anything onto my device?

No, you do not need to download an app or special software to use Legends of Learning. The platform works through a browser. As long as your device meets the requirements stated above you will be fine.

What kind of bandwidth is required?

The games should operate normally on broadband connections.

Will Legends of Learning work on my devices?

Legends of Learning supports Chromebooks, recent iPads, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pros. Laptop/desktop computers will also work. Android tablets and smartphones are not officially supported.

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