Get Ready for the Legendary Solar Eclipse

On Monday, Aug. 21, the sun will disappear behind the moon creating a once in a lifetime total solar eclipse. To help prepare students and interested parties, Legends of Learning is making several eclipse curriculum resources available to teachers, parents, and interested parties.

1) Free Games

Interested parties can play two of of Legends of Learning’s most popular eclipse-related curricula games on our Alpha Games page. Additional eclipse games are available to teachers who have a Legends of Learning account via the “Eclipses and Seasons” learning objective.

2) Lesson Plan

In addition, our resident science teacher Jessica Moyer create a special Legends of Learning Eclipses and Seasons Lesson Plan for parties looking for formal instruction. You can access the plan here.

3) 16 Curated Solar Eclipse Resources

Those seeking additional materials can access a curated list of 16 public resources on our blog. These resources help students learn the total solar eclipse in a classroom (or at home).

Please do set up a Legends of Learning account using the form to the right and play more Eclipse games today. There are no obligations to sign up, and you do not need to provide credit card data either.

Try the games today!

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