Student Access

Deploying game-based learning to your students boosts content mastery and keeps them engaged. Legends of Learning make student access easy.


All you have to do is drag and drop games and assessments into your playlist, and students access it with your unique teacher code, which appears directly above the playlist.

Student access requires your unique Legends of Learning teacher code.

Student Access

Send students to, where they’ll type in their teacher code and create a username. Note that this doesn’t create an account for them; they can only log in when you have a live playlist.

Using your Legends of Learning teacher code, student access is easy.                     Only a first name and last initial are required for student access to Legends of Learning.

Live Tracking

Once students enter the playlist, they show up as green dots, which show their progress throughout the assessments and games. Click on a dot to view that student’s multiple choice answers in real time. If a dot turns red, that student is off task in another browser tab.

Track your students' progress in real time through the Legends of Learning teacher dashboard.

You’ve got everything you need to supercharge your lessons with game-based learning! Drag and drop some games, and get started today.

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