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A lack of NGSS content challenges implementation in the classroom. The standards seek to create engagement in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to make science learning an active exercise. Finding engaging content and exercises to achieve that? Now that’s a challenge.

How We Help – NGSS Resources

Science game content is one of the top reasons people come to Legends of Learning. There are few wide ranging series of lesson items for the entire middle school suite (Earth and Space, Life, and Physical Sciences) topics.

Legends of Learning has more than 800 different curriculum games based on the NGSS standards. Further, there are thousands of assessment items for teachers seeking to measure student progress.

In addition, Legends of Learning has created a series of articles and white papers to assist educators in implementing NGSS in the classroom. Those content pieces include:

NGSS Success – Complementing DCIs

To quote Joe Kracjik on the NSTA Community site, “You cannot learn the ideas of science in isolation from the doing and you cannot learn the practices of science in isolation from the content of science.” Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) concern themselves with the content of science.

While DCIs outline core concepts that teachers should impart in class, sometimes they don’t connect well with future lessons, or they lack creative engaging approaches to delivery. In many ways, DCIs serve as frameworks that provide enough flexibility for progressive learning and application to students’ lives and their in-class activities.

Many teachers seek more depth to help students get a grasp of the content, particularly when it comes to individual lessons. On Legends of Learning, 90 lessons have been derived from the related DCIs, each with eight to ten games.

Those games and their corresponding assessment items are continuously vetted and rated by teachers. And the game platform and game design match a recent Vanderbilt University study on the efficacy of short games to ensure maximum impact while improving content mastery.

Legends of Learning games serve as a meaningful lever in a science teacher’s NGSS toolkit. Whether to reinforce lessons, introduce new content, and/or provide engaging homework, teachers can find games for every lesson.

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