Using Games for Test and Assessment Preparation

Legends of Learning Games are ideal for test preparation.

June is just around the corner. Most students are thinking about their summer vacation. Students will have to endure a battery of tests and assessments across subjects to gauge their progress. It’s time to shake things up with some learning games!

Content review and test prep bring their own dangers, namely boredom and disenfranchisement. That’s where Legends of Learning games come into play (no pun intended):

  • Use 1000+ games to keep students motivated and engaged
  • Review extraordinary amounts of content in a short period of time
  • Help students perform better on their tests
Use Games for Content Review Today

Additional Assessment Preparation Resources

Games make content review engaging.

In addition to our games, we’ve prepared several articles to help teachers optimize their test prep lesson plans with and without Legends of Learning:

Remember, it’s the final stretch. Research demonstrates that engaging students with fun learning games improves focus and performance.

Boost your students’ test preparation today with math and science games.

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