Week 2 of Summer Learning with TN Standards

Week Two of Summer Game-Based Learning

These activities showcase a small section of the hundreds of topics we cover. If you would like an activity for a different topic, you can explore all of our topics in the Awakening game on your own at app.legendsoflearning.com!


Getting started is super easy!

First, find your grade in the grid below. If you’d like to review last year’s material, choose the grade you just completed. If you’d like to get a jump start on the coming year, choose the grade you are rising into!

Then, log in to your existing Legends of Learning account, or create a new FREE account with just a simple username and password. New users will have a brief one-time introductory experience before starting their activities.

Then, the fun begins! You will be playing and learning from relevant instructional games and competing in exciting battle quizzes. If you selected a Quiz option, make sure you navigate to the “Teacher Assignment Portal” within your “Base” to select the correct week’s assignment.

You and your parent/guardian will be able to see your progression on a regular basis.

GradeMath AssignmentScience Assignment
Grade 1Learning Games Playlist: Place Value: Tens and Ones

Fun Battle Quiz: Place Value: Tens and Ones
Coming in 2021!
Grade 2Learning Games Playlist: Comparing Two Three-Digit Numbers

Fun Battle Quiz: Comparing Two Three-Digit Numbers
Coming in 2021!
Grade 3Learning Games Playlist: Basic Multiplication And Division Word Problems

Fun Battle Quiz: Basic Multiplication And Division Word Problems
Learning Games Playlist: Animal Structure and Function

Fun Battle Quiz: Animal Structure and Function
Grade 4Learning Games Playlist: Divide Using Four Digit Dividends

Fun Battle Quiz: Divide Using Four Digit Dividends
Learning Games Playlist: Fossil Evidence

Fun Battle Quiz: Fossil Evidence
Grade 5Learning Games Playlist: Evaluate Expressions With Parentheses, Brackets Or Braces

Fun Battle Quiz: Evaluate Expressions With Parentheses, Brackets Or Braces
Learning Games Playlist: Phase Changes

Fun Battle Quiz: Phase Changes
Grade 6Learning Games Playlist: Polygon Areas

Fun Battle Quiz: Polygon Areas
Learning Games Playlist: Forms of Energy

Fun Battle Quiz: Forms of Energy
Grade 7Learning Games Playlist: Compute Unit Rates

Fun Battle Quiz: Compute Unit Rates
Learning Games Playlist: Chemical Reactions

Fun Battle Quiz: Chemical Reactions
Grade 8Learning Games Playlist: Find Square And Cube Roots

Fun Battle Quiz: Find Square And Cube Roots
Learning Games Playlist: Waves

Fun Battle Quiz: Waves
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