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We believe American children need new education heroes, teachers dedicated to using new, engaging methods of teaching their curriculum.

Legend Has It

American children need new education heroes: teachers who are dedicated to using modern and engaging methods for delivering their curriculum. Legends of Learning helps teachers make classrooms fun and productive learning environments through research driven curriculum-based games. We use ongoing original research to create a marketplace filled with an epic range of curriculum-based games for stronger subject mastery and classroom engagement.

Our first missions are Mathematics, Life Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Math and Science teachers can don their capes with more than two thousand Legends of Learning K-8 math and science games. The games align with many of the most popular state standards. Additional subjects and grades will be added in the future.

Battle-tested and backed by research

Ongoing original research helps us to create a game filled marketplace with an epic range of lessons for stronger subject mastery and classroom engagement.

Some of our findings include:

  • Faster lesson comprehension, reducing time to content mastery by weeks
  • Dramatic increases in engagement in the classroom
  • Test score improvement by over 1/2 half a letter grade on average

“I would definitely use games like these in a classroom again. The games make a connection for students, and the topic becomes a little more exciting.”
Tama Nunnelly, Guntersville Middle School

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