Math & Science Games for the Classroom

Legends of Learning offers more than 1000 fun science classroom games for Elementary and Middle School teachers.

Looking for math & science games and activities for your middle school or elementary classroom? Imagine thousands of online math & science games built for teachers like you. When you are teaching and considering which activities to blend into your lesson plan, nothing builds engagement like a fun learning game. Legends of Learning offers more than 1200 math & science games and simulations for grades 3-8 across 144 learning objectives. Elementary and Middle School teachers can find a game for every lesson. Our math & science games for the classroom are specifically designed from NGSS and state standards to support your lesson plans. Our games increase:

  • engagement
  • lesson comprehension, and
  • test performance

Not convinced? See our research demonstrating the impact. Explore our library below, view our case studies, and then get started today.

Math & Science Games Built for the Classroom

We know new math & science standards and teaching methods require new content. Most teachers spend as much five hours of personal time a week looking for that content. With Legends of Learning content teachers can find a fun math & science game for every lesson. Use games to introduce and help master a topic, personalize learning, review lessons, and much more. Our games and platform have been tested, reviewed, and refined by teachers. Students also review individual games, giving you a sneak preview into how they will receive the content.

Powerful Tools for Teachers

Different Types of Math & Science Games for the Classroom
Different Types of Math & Science Games for the Classroom

Two types of math & science classroom games, content mastery (M) and question based (Q).

Personalized Learning
Personalized Learning

Customize playlists for individuals and groups within the class.

Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics

See whether students are getting the lesson BEFORE the test.

Dashboard Control
Dashboard Control

Copy an old playlist, access student performance, and more!

Teachers Looking for NGSS Content

NGSS Standards and Content.
The NGSS standards represent one of the most comprehensive changes to come to the classroom.

According to the Carnegie Corporation a majority of the country’s school districts have adapted the NGSS standards or a similar statewide standard set. The change produced a rapid turnover in science curriculum for educators, some of which is still in process. Teachers need new content to adapt to the new standards environment. Educational content providers haven’t responded quickly, sending many teachers on a never-ending search for online content. Legends of Learning math & science\ games for the classroom are based on the NGSS DCIs, the content recommended by new science standards. With more than 1200 games and simulations for 144 lessons spanning grades 3-8, Legends of Learning offers content for every lesson. In addition to our NGSS version, paid customers can access GSE, SOLs, and TEKS versions of the platform. More state versions are coming soon. Contact us to learn more about our state versions.

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