Benefits Of Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning

There is a lot of debate in the world of education about which learning model is better for students. Some people firmly believe that the tried-and-true traditional classroom instruction is superior to all other models, while proponents of online learning cite its flexibility and convenience as major advantages that allow it to bring education to people who would struggle to attend classes in person for some reason.

However, these days, there are a lot of middle-ground offerings that offer students many of the advantages that modern technology brings while preserving some of the aspects of traditional classroom learning that make it such an enduring and valued approach.

Top 5 Benefits Of The Hybrid Learning Model

Hybrid learning is a teaching and learning style that gives students the best of both in-person and online learning. It combines traditional classroom instruction with the flexibility afforded by doing classwork online.

In many cases, the students will attend some of their classes in person while having the convenience of being able to complete their work online, at home, on a schedule that makes sense for them. Here is a look at five of the biggest benefits of instituting the hybrid learning model.

Increases Student Discipline & Focus

Child focused on his online educational gameWith hybrid learning, students have a lot more freedom to choose when they do their coursework as they are free from the rigid schedule of a traditional classroom. However, with this freedom comes the responsibility of ensuring they work at the right pace to get everything done on time. This is a valuable skill that can prove useful throughout the student’s lifetime.

In addition, because there are so many distractions at home, students will find that they need to focus in order to be successful and meet their deadlines. Moreover, the prospect of being able to enjoy the comforts of home when they are finished rather than having to stay in the classroom until the final bell rings at a set time may motivate them to focus harder so they can move on to other activities faster.

Students’ Ability To Interact With Other Peers & Their Teachers

Although learning completely online might be great from a flexibility standpoint, one big criticism of it is that it lacks the opportunity for collaboration with peers and interaction with teachers. With a hybrid model, however, this valuable aspect of learning is not lost. Discussion boards can be used to talk about course material and exchange ideas, and video conference calls and chats can be used to help form connections from wherever is most convenient for the students and their teachers. In addition, many introverted students are more comfortable participating in discussions online than they would be in person.

More Freedom & Flexibility For Students

The flexibility that comes with hybrid learning gives students a chance to practice prioritizing and planning. If they know an assignment is due on Friday, for example, they can break it down into smaller chunks to tackle each day. If the student knows that Thursday is going to be full of family commitments, they will have the flexibility to work ahead on Wednesday and still meet their deadline.

Enhanced Personal Support

Even though they have a lot more freedom, students are never truly alone when they are studying online. Interactive video chats, phone calls and emails can help them get the attention they need from their instructor at a time that is convenient for all parties involved. In a traditional classroom setting, in contrast, teachers may not be able to devote very much one-on-one time to the students who need it.

Fun & Learning With Online Educational Games

Hybrid learning presents the opportunity to make use of online educational games. These serve as a fun and highly engaging way to get students interested in the material that is being studied and drive home the important points in a memorable way. They also provide the opportunity to review material until it is retained without ever truly feeling like work.

For A Game-Based Learning Curriculum, Try Legends of Learning

If you would like to learn more about how online games can support your hybrid learning efforts, get in touch with Legends of Learning. They offer more than 2,000 curriculum-aligned games in the math and sciences fields to reinforce material in a way that is fun and interesting to students at each age level ranging from grades 1 through 8.

Students see a rise in test scores by half a letter grade on average when they play Legends of Learning’s games, and 92 percent of teachers who have tried them report that they wish to keep using them as part of their lessons.

Parents and teachers can keep track of the students’ progress, and it is easy to identify areas where more attention is needed. Best of all, students can enjoy Legends of Learning’s online learning games with a free trial on their site. Find over 2000 fun and curriculum-aligned games that engage students on their website and learn how parents, teachers, and school officials are super-charging their students with Legend of Learning games.

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