Happy Twosday! Celebrate 2/22/22 with Astronomy and Patterns Lesson Plans


2/22/22 has strong ties to both math and science.

Let’s take a look at the science route, first!

“Two’s day” is closely tied to astrology, which is based on finding meaning in the movements and positions of the moon, stars, and planets. This is very similar to astronomy, which is the scientific study of such objects in space. Many people who are interested in astrology look at 2/22/22 as a special day to connect with those around them and approach life with extra kindness and positivity. 

Celebrate this special date with a scientific, astronomical approach and a collaborative 5E lesson plan to help elementary school students learn about the planets in our solar system and their unique characteristics and positions around the sun! View the lesson plan here.

Or, if you’d rather create your own assignment, here are some great solar-system games to get you started! 

Looking to celebrate with math instead?

2/22/22 is also a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forwards as it does backwards. Check out this lesson plan about arithmetic patterns to teach elementary school students about the interesting ways numbers can be sequenced.


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