How to Keep Your Kids Learning at Home During Coronavirus


With schools closed for an extended period of time, parents need resources to keep their kids learning from home. It can be stressful for parents to be in charge of their kids’ curriculum on top of balancing their family’s health and their own workloads. 

To help parents like you, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite ways to keep your kids engaged and learning at home. We recommend incorporating each of these activities into your child’s daily schedule while they’re home school. 

Good, old fashioned reading time

Ask your kids to make a list of 5-10 books they’d like to read over the next couple of months. Set aside dedicated reading time each day in your family’s schedule, so that your kids can start to check those books off their reading list.  

Online educational games

Did you know? Studies have proven that kids stay engaged and retain information longer when they play online educational games. Platforms like Legends of Learning keep your kids engaged by offering thousands of curriculum-aligned math and science games for elementary and middle school students. Online educational games also allow you as a parent to step away from having to play the role of your child’s substitute teacher – a win-win for everyone.

Get creative 

While your kids are cooped up at home, it’s important that you give them an outlet to release some of their creative energy. Give your kids dedicated time to create things, but let them decide what they want to create. They can spend this time practicing artistic skills like drawing, writing, and painting, or learn a new skill like cooking or baking. 

It’s okay to Netflix and chill 

Allow your kids to spend some time watching things like Netflix, as long as they’re watching educational content or documentaries. Scientific shows like Planet Earth can keep them engaged for hours at a time. This also gives the entire family something to discuss at the dinner table each night. 

Learn a new language

Has your kid shown an interest in learning other languages? Now may be the perfect time to get them started learning a new one, like Spanish, French or Mandarin. Try apps like Duolingo allow your kids to learn and progress on their own as they master language skills related to vocabulary, grammar and more. 

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