Introducing Angry Birds Eggstraction and the Multiplication Portal Games!

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Last summer, we announced our exciting partnership with Rovio Entertainment to feature the Angry Birds characters we all know and love in our Learning Universe. This was possible thanks to our licensing representative, Maximum Orbit.

Today we’re thrilled to introduce our first titles — Angry Birds Eggstraction and Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal.

The first batch of games addresses topics for grades 3-5: Collisions and Forces and Basic Multiplication. Read more below for an overview of these games and the adventures your students will experience!

Angry Birds Eggstraction

Game Description:

Help your favorite Angry Birds take back their eggs from the pigs using your knowledge of forces and collisions. Use the sproing-o-matic to push Red and spoil the pig’s plans. Analyze each level to set your strategy by adjusting the angle, direction, and force. Avoid falling or getting stuck in the middle of the road by placing the indicator in the right position. Are you ready for this?

Academically, students will learn concepts in collisions and forces using an Angry Birds gameplay experience all your students will love. 

  • Physics-based Levels: From the classic Angry Birds style, Eggstraction will challenge students to strategize and aim by considering the physics behind trajectories. In level 2, the students will need to determine the correct angle and force in normal conditions to rescue the eggs.
  • Problem-solving Challenges: With increasing difficulty at each level, the game will promote critical thinking by presenting challenges that require reasoning with the learned academic concepts. For example, in level 7 students will need to determine which angle and force in the Sproing-O-Matic will work for reaching the eggs while taking into account that increased friction of the ground will slow down Red.
  • Learning Through Play: Our mission. This new game offers an entertaining and engaging way to learn about concepts like force, motion, and energy, making complex concepts enjoyable and approachable for all students. In level 4, the game will challenge students to make a trick shot by combining the basics of collision concepts to take back Matilda’s eggs.

With Professor Pig on our side, the Angry Birds crew will rescue their eggs from the evil pigs. They’ll use Professor Pig’s invention, the sproing-o-matic, to achieve the goal. Bring all the eggs back home to win the game. Have fun and enjoy playing! Find Eggstraction on the Legends of Learning platform here.

Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal

Game card for Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal on Legends of Learning

Game description:

In this game, you will help the birds protect the eggs with the power of multiplication portals! The Pigs come around again and this time they have barriers with them! Take them down and let’s kick those pigs out of here!

What sets Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal apart is its unique approach to learning. It turns multiplication into an exciting adventure.

  • Engaging Gameplay: Students use multiplication skills to pick the correct Angry Bird, aim, and launch it through the portal to destroy the wall.
  • Progressive Difficulty: As students advance through the game, the levels become more challenging, ensuring continuous learning and skill development.

Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal is here to make learning fun and effective. Get ready to unleash the power of multiplication and join the Angry Birds on their epic educational adventure! Find The Multiplication Portal on the Legends of Learning platform here.

Are you ready to dive into the world of multiplication with Angry Birds? Let’s launch some birds and conquer these math challenges together!

Stay tuned for more Angry Birds games coming to Legends of Learning in topics such as Gravitational Force, the Coordinate Plane, Kinetic Energy, and more! We’ll see you soon in the Learning Universe with Eggstraction and The Multiplication Portal in your queue!

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