Introducing The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles

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Introducing The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles

Legends of Learning is thrilled to share The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles, the second game published through our partnership with the Rube Goldberg Institute for Innovation & Creativity!

In this series of games, iconic Rube Goldberg machines are integrated into educational games to create a unique and fun learning opportunity for players. 

This game is now available in grades 3-5 for math topics related to writing simple expressions.

the rube goldberg magic marbles

The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles reviews


Let’s set all the Rube Golberg’s Machines to complete our day-to-day tasks successfully! 

In this game, we explore our daily routine from waking up to doing the dishes! How are we going to perform all these easy tasks?

As on brand with Rube Goldberg, we’ll be doing everything in the most complicated way possible, with the added twist of solving math expressions!


The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles

Let’s dive into the gameplay!


Game Highlights


We have a contraption in place to make our toast – but first, we will start by understanding and solving a math expression! Once we input the correct values, the contraption will use magic marbles to wake up the mouse that starts running on the wheel and triggers the boat.  A carnivore plant will help catch the marbles. The final result will be our toast!



Time to do the dishes after a delicious breakfast! Solve the math expression and input the correct values to start the Rube Goldberg machine. The machine will use the magic marbles to trigger the boxing globe and blow up the balloon that carries the marbles to the final destination: the sink.


The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles dishes


Some examples

Below is a preview of some of the Simple Expressions problems that players will experience in the game: 


The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles surprise


The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles


The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles

The math expressions will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Rube Goldberg Magic Marbles game presents a unique opportunity to combine solving math expressions with the fun of Rube Goldberg machines to complete the tasks.

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