The Latest Teacher Features! – Aug 2021

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Hello again amazing teachers!

It would appear back to school time is upon us once again, and in celebration, we have some exciting new surprises for you and your students!

Create Your Own Assessments

One of the top requests we have consistently received from you, our legendary users, has been to be able to create and add your own questions to assignments. Well, we loved this idea so much, we decided to build it into our app!

We are starting with the basics: You can now create multiple-choice text assessments! Start by manually creating questions or by uploading a spreadsheet–assessments can host up to 99 questions, regardless of how they’re created. Add your own assessment to an assignment along with question games, simulations, or instructional games. Just like assignments, you’ll be able to see reporting on individual student answers in assignment results. Keep an eye out though, we will soon add even more assessment capabilities like questions with images and multi-select answers!

For more detailed information on creating assessments check out this article by our amazing partner success team:


New Hero Sweepstakes!

We couldn’t be happier that you have chosen Legends of Learning games to use with your classes!

We are so thrilled, that we recently introduced Legendary Rewards so you can earn points for usage, which can be redeemed to reward your class, and yourself!

Now we are launching a new even bigger reward. It’s a monthly sweepstakes you can enter using Legendary Points! Prizes are updated regularly and there are many chances to win!


Coming Soon – Shared Assignments with Legendary Rewards!

Keep on the lookout! Very soon we will be releasing assignment templates that are much easier to share with other teachers! Not only that, you will earn Legendary Points every time another teacher uses an assignment template you created with their class!


To find more information on the sweepstakes click here and log in (or sign up):

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to check out our latest teacher features! We have some more big updates coming soon so please check in soon and stay subscribed to our monthly newsletter!

And always, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to email:

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