While You’re Away, We’re Making Games All Day — July 2021


School is out, and it’s a perfect time for our game developers to be hard at work. There’s no better time to release an educational game than for the start of the upcoming school year! We have a long list of new games that have been published this month, with more coming in August!

New In Grades 3-5

Elementary math teachers, let’s start with you! 

  • Our adventure begins out of this world on a trip to the cosmos. Earth is under attack, and to stop the interstellar conflict, we need space heroes with the best multiplication skills with Earth Defender: Math to the Rescue!
  • Back on Earth, you might as well enjoy tasty summer treats like fruit and ice cream in Beary Fruity and BazkinDaz. Beary Fruity is a great choice for young students to compare two fractions, while BazkinDaz is here to expand on basic multiplication and division with ice cream based word problems. Go fulfill that sweet tooth!

For our fourth graders ready to take the next step with comparing fractions: 

  • A big adventure awaits in Fractured Treasure. Solve the Mayan’s fraction-based puzzles deep in the Amazon Rainforest and explore their treasured history! 

In fifth grade geometry, a new challenge awaits at sea: 

  • How to navigate the barren blue ocean, you may ask? Well, with the coordinate plane, of course! In Pirates of the Cartesians, your goal is to find the pieces of each map to locate treasure island while avoiding the dangers of the sea. 

Elementary science teachers, we have two new games for you in physical science topics. 

  • What’s the Matter is an approachable adventure for all learners to experience the properties of matter. With an engaging, guided exploration experience, your students will love this problem-solving adventure!
  • With our 3rd grade math students bringing peace to space in the new Earth Defender game, we can resume safe missions to the moon! In Force to the Moon, launch a rocket into orbit and land it safely on the surface of the Moon. Understand how to use the forces of your rocket thrusters to command your ship to success!

New In Grades 6-8

Learning how to divide fractions can be a doozy. You mean you have to flip the divisor and multiply it by the dividend?

  • Introduce BunBun, the pizza delivery rabbit in Pizza Runner who will make us champions of dividing fractions (and eating pizza). Who needs Bugs Bunny in Space Jam when you can have BunBun dishing fraction knowledge AND pizza! 

Let’s get meta:

  • The Game Developer Equation where the game is to design a game (woah)! Game developers build important equations and functions into every game for all the gameplay events and interactions between characters. Behind all the best video games is knowledge on writing and solving problems — algebra at its finest!

Isaac Newton is receiving extra love from Legends of Learning this summer, because we have TWO new games for Newton’s First and Second Laws. 

  • Let’s start with a classic game turned useful science lesson: Push’em Robots. Having flashbacks to playing Rock’em Sock’em Robots? We hope so, because now you can share the joy of this game with your students in an educational way!
  • If boxing isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Let’s slow down the pace and appeal to the folks who like spending summer days out on the links. Newton’s Golf Island is an excellent choice for middle school students to understand the physics of motion with a common activity they can understand. Challenge your students to get a birdie on every hole!

Updates to existing games – based on your feedback!

Many pre-released favorite games are continuously receiving updates to add important features like saving checkpoints in-game, text to speech, Spanish translation, and better loading! Here are some updated games that many teachers and students love: 


A Closer Look at New Games

Newton’s Golf Island – Middle Science (Factors Influencing Motion : Newton’s First and Second Laws)




Teacher Reviews:


Game screenshots and more info:

Newton’s Golf Island is a physics-based game where you have to play golf while learning about Newton’s first and second laws. Aim, shoot and release to hit the target holes and get the highest score!











Fractured Treasure – Elementary Math (Comparison of Fractions)




Teacher Reviews:


Game screenshots and more info:

Find the treasure buried deep inside the Mayan temples in the Amazon Rainforest! Solve the puzzles designed by the Mayans to open the doors to their temples. To solve the puzzles, you will need to compare and visualize fractions. Comparing fractions is the key to finding this great Mayan treasure!












Push’em Robots – Middle Science (Factors Influencing Motion : Newton’s First and Second Laws)




Teacher Reviews:


Game screenshots and more info:

Be a Robot Boxing champion! Strike boxes and other robots with the right force by applying Newton’s First and Second Laws.













We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email support@legendsoflearning.com.


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