May These Games Be With Your Math Classroom — May 2022


There are so many joy-bearing holidays in May, and they all truly give us some warm weather vibes. Let’s carry that energy into your classroom with all of these math games bound to give your students some joy!

New In Grades 3-5

  • Help the president of the legumes nation avoid starting an all out bakery conflict by making amends with other legume leaders in Bean Tarts! Using addition and subtraction, draft a standing bean protective force and train them to safeguard the nation. It takes a lot of beans to protect their collective nation, so the numbers will be large! That’s right, I want you Legend! Go out there and stand for world peace! Find Bean Tarts featured further in this post.
  • Help The Carpet Merchant fulfill customers’ orders using just fractions and a pair of scissors. Cut, stitch, and sew together whole new carpets using fractional pieces that have different sizes and denominators! Everyone could use a fine carpet, and your business is booming! Find The Carpet Merchant featured further in this post.

Recommendation for Grades 3-5

  • Necromather – Destroy the Invasion!: a timeless Legend’s classic that has taught many the power of area and how it relates to multiplication. Help Billy, an apprentice necromancer, defend the graveyard from hordes of spooky monsters…
    Find Necromather featured further in this post.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 3-5

  • Pirates Of Learning: The Mysterious Island – Billy’s quest for treasure on the mysterious island has been updated to feature epic new animations and effects as he battles the dastardly ghost pirate captain Grasping using multiplication!
  • The Rounding Balloon Shop! – Join Dots  the frog on a quirky adventure to save her pond from the misguided Sun, using rounding skills! This game has been entirely redone to be more exciting and interactive for players. This game update also features a more accurate Spanish translation for a more polished experience for Spanish language players.
  • Rounding With Tom’s art has been reworked to be more appealing and kid friendly, adding a friendly pet shop. Help Tom run his many stores using rounding like never before.  All kinds of cute pets have also been added, because who doesn’t love animals. There are also some bug fixes to enhance the performance of the game.

A Closer Look at New Games


Bean Tarts — Elementary Math (Fluently Add And Subtract Using Standard Algorithm)


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The naïve bean president of the legumes nation has mistakenly thrown pies against the world leaders. Use additions and subtractions to defend from your opponents in bakery dispute and restore world peace. The game features six chapters in story mode to learn and reinforce subtractions and additions concepts. In story mode, the game teaches you to complete the operations by counting beans on the screen, in our so-called Bean Algorithm. If you’re already familiar with the story mode, then you can jump right into practicing operations in the practice mode, and prepare your kids for an assessment. Collect all the medals by completing the key tasks in the game, and brag about it for being the best.



The Carpet Merchant — Elementary Math ( Multiply Fractions with Unlike Denominators)

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Help the carpet merchant cut and sell various carpets to customers!


Necromather – Destroy the Invasion! — Elementary Math (Prove Area Of A Rectangle Using Tiling)

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Game screenshots and description:

Invoke magic and the power of area to destroy hordes of monsters attacking your Graveyard!


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

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