Students Playing Legends of Learning Show Higher Test Scores!


West Ed Study Shows Higher Test Scores for Students Playing Legends of Learning


In a recent study by West Ed, there is evidence that students who played Legends of Learning games at least twice per week had higher test scores compared to students who did not use the program. The study included over 14,500 diverse students in fifth and eighth grade from a large school district in the Southeastern United States. As the number of games played grew, so did the achievement results of the students as shown in the graph below.


Students with high Legends of Learning usage of 50+ science games showed an increase of 23 percentile points equivalent to 0.6 of a standard deviation on their annual state science test. Additionally, students with moderate usage of 25-49 games had an increase of 13 percentile points equivalent to a 0.3 increase in standard deviation as compared to those who did not play the Legends of Learning games.

This study showed significant and educationally-meaningful differences in the mean science achievement of students with moderate and high usage.


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