Your Classroom’s Science Love Language — February 2022


February is the month to celebrate love, and what’s not to love about student engagement with these science games!

New In Grades K-2

  • Can you hear that? Corn Field Defense is calling to be added to your next assignment on sound and vibrations. Dial this one up, it will be a fantastic addition to assignments on this topic. Just make sure our corn is kept safe, otherwise we’ll be missing out on a lot of important foods this year! Find Corn Field Defense featured further down in this post.
  • Outfit your next assignment on living and nonliving things with not one but TWO new fantastic games: Stickerama! and Farm-Life. Whether it’s collecting fun stickers in a book or managing a farm, there’s plenty of fun context for what it means to live on our planet.
  • Within the world of the living, how important is our environment? We might not realize it enough as humans, but different habitats meet different living organisms’ needs’ in their own way. Winona’s Wildlife Park is the place to experience various habitats!

Updates to Existing Games In Grades K-2

  • World of Resources (Natural Resources)  has more save/load checkpoints for students if they need to sign out of the game early and resume later.
  • Food Chain Story (The Living Environment: Ecosystems) has general art improvements and better technical performance running on your students’ devices.

New In Grades 3-5

There’s always so much to explore that our lovely planet has to offer. Let’s take a look how with these following games in earth and life sciences: 

  • Earth materials and systems – that sounds like a vague topic! Thankfully we have two new games here to help you and your students break it down: Earth Energy Expedition and Gargarians on Earth. In both cases, our adventure is to guide friendly alien species around Earth and show them how our planet operates! Find Gargarians on Earth featured further in this post. 
  • As we explore our planet, it’s important to notice natural resources and their natural limitation. Explore this concept through Popo’s Power Park where we will learn different ways to source energy to keep our processes operating!
  • In Masterplant, help raise and take care of a rose! You’ll have to feed it, help it grow and protect it from predators! All in the name of love for this February (and learning about plant structure and function).
  • My mind is always boggled when I think how living things today are a product of years of adaptation to environmental factors. Let’s explore various biomes and their adaptive incumbents in both Adaptations Around the World and Adaptation Explorer. Interesting creatures and their backstories await!

New In Grades 6-8

  • Do you have any quirky collector preferences? Perhaps nice spoons or hats? Thankfully, our friend Adrian the mole collects fossils to help us learn about the fossil record. In Adrian’s Fossil Collection, Adrian has years of working underground collecting rocks, shells, bones, impressions, and more. Maybe while your students play this game, you’ll be planning a fun field trip to a museum to check out some fossils in person! 🙂 
  • Let’s get small, so small that we’ll need a microscope to explore cells and life. What’s going on in these building blocks of life? Dr. Cell Discovering Cell Life is a memorable adventure with an aptly named scientist. 
  • Going to the car mechanic? I hope not, those are not fun adventures. Cell Mechanic is a mechanic you want to visit to break down parts of the cell. The cell is just like a car engine with all of its moving parts impressively working in tandem! Find Cell Mechanic featured further below in this post.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 6-8

  • Microlives (Cells and Life) has general art improvements and better technical performance running on your students’ devices.
  • Water Dog (The Water Cycle) has various bug fixes to improve the student user experience and make for better overall game performance.

Older, well-rated games on our platform are beginning to come in with updates with all of our latest features, including text to speech, Spanish translation, and save + load checkpoints! Here are two:

More are on their way to continue to better meet important accessibility requirements!

A Closer Look at New Games


Corn Field Defense — K-2 Science (Sound and Vibrations)

Teacher Reviews*:

Game screenshots and description:

Help Connie defend her corn field from birds and bugs using vibrating objects that can make sounds to scare them away!



Gargarians on Earth — Elementary Science (Earth Materials and Systems)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and description:

Gargaria, the home planet of Gargarians, is about to explode, and they need to build a planet before it explodes! They’ve come to Earth to learn Earth’s systems and build a planet for themselves that is similar to earth. Starting in the sky, learn about the atmosphere. Next, jump into the ocean and learn about the hydrosphere and the water cycle, before finally digging down to Earth’s core to understand the geosphere.


Cell Mechanic — Middle Science (Parts of the Cell)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and description:

Your job is to explore cells that were reported as “out of service” as a tiny submarine cell mechanic! Discover and complete different mini-games for each part of the Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells and make sure everything is up and running again!

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email


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