Find Out How to Supercharge Your Building or Entire District

Legends of Learning is a 1st-8th grade Math and Science educational gaming platform used in over 25,000 schools across the US.

We have over 2000 games in math and science that are curriculum aligned to your state. Want to find out more about supercharging your district with:

  •  Custom Assessments
  •  Lesson Plans for Each Standard & Grade
  •  Multi-Standard Assignments
  •  Detailed Reporting Features & Filters
  •  Playlist Sharing Across School & District
  •  Unlimited Assignment Scheduling
  •  Professional Development & Support
  •  Rostering & Single Sign On


And as head of district or school you also get:

  • Reporting that covers student progress on curriculum aligned standards across all you building or an entire district.
  • Progress on teacher created playlists and student self directed play. Many students play longer at home and gain proficiency within a broader array of standards and topics.
  • The ability to share and track consistent experiences across your building or district.

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