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About Legends of Learning:


A Letter from our CEO:


Dear Game Developer,

Welcome to Legends of Learning! We are looking to expand our library of over 1,500 Math and Science learning games and we need your help! Want to make something good for kids while getting paid great money? Come join the sprint!

It is easy: We’ll give you the concepts you need to teach inside your game, and you decide how to make the best 10-15 minute game to teach them.

Know how to teach “Adding Fractions” with a side-scroller? Great!

Think you can make an awesome tower defense game to teach “Plant Structure and Function”? Go for it!

Whether you are an independent studio or a 100-person company, we want to work with you. The highest played, highest rated games make the most money on our platform, an a median new game can earn over $10,000.00 in 2022. Developers retain IP for the games published on our platform. 

We’ve worked with 500 studios already – so check out what they have to say in the testimonials below. We’ve paid out over $5 million to game developers on our platform and payouts are accelerating.

Curious what kind of games we are looking for? Create a free teacher account on our platform and explore some of the top-rated games.

Want to see what kinds of materials we provide for each topic area? Check out the Learning Objective Concept Document for “Basic Multiplication.”

Come join us to revolutionize how kids learn!

Vadim Polikov, CEO


Game Developer Testimonials:

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hannie echo


Alejandra Vacio Olguin / Hannie Echo / Mexico


Nonsense Arts
Legends of Learning (LoL) gave us an opportunity to try different ways to re-learn & teach about concepts we study long time ago and we had a lot of trouble with, although not because the concept is boring but because the way we were learning them years ago was getting old and it needed to be updated. That's why LoL has been a terrific experience for us, we feel like we are doing our part to change that old way the education system works and we are helping to update it with more didactic resources like videogames, the sum of all mediums made interactive!


Also, from a game designer point of view I have to say that finding a way to teach concepts that I had a hard time to learn when I was young has been a big and interesting challenge for me, and the result has payed well! *wink* *wink*


Nicolás Recabarren / Nonsense Arts / Argentina




Edson Batista Lopes Junior / Ticjoy / Brazil




Alex Turetsky / Runaway Studios / USA


Jameson Wilkins
My name is Jameson Wilkins, I've contracted as a games developer for Legends of Learning since December of 2016 and built 5 different games for the science modules.


Legends of Learning is a great company to work for. As a developer, you are empowered to make the games you want to make. You choose the subject matter and have full creative control over the project. Legends of Learning provides you with the documentation and educational materials to inform you on the subject matter, and includes clear requirements for necessary topics and technical needs. Teacher reviews give you the feedback necessary to polish your games, and the payout system is very fair and transparent. I plan to continue developing games for Legends of Learning as long as possible!


Jameson Wilkins / Independent Developer / USA


Seven Hills Games


Greg Aring / Seven Hills Games / USA


My name is Lydia Kovalenko, I am the owner of LKMAD.I must admit that when I first heard about this opportunity I was skeptical, because it seemed too good to be true. My concerns however were completely unfounded, and I had a great time producing a game for Vadim. We were not constricted in any way in terms of creative direction. We were allowed to experiment and come up with new ways of teaching a topic of our choosing. We were compensated very fairly and without any delay or problems. The entire process was very relaxed and Vadim was always available to help with any questions or concerns that we had. I enjoyed creating the game so much that I recently signed on for two more and I'm excited for the work ahead. The best part about this, is that what we create will help shape young minds and take education in a whole new direction where learning is done through active rather than passive activities!


Lydia Kovelenko / LKMAD / Cyprus


MindGrub Games


Todd Marks / Mindgrub Games / USA


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