Boost your kids' education with learning games in the classroom

Legends of Learning is a platform of short educational games designed to supplement teachers' lesson plans in the classroom.


Imagine a series of games that did more than just entertain children. They work with teachers to deliver and reinforce meaningful lessons, helping students stay engaged in the classroom and master their school work. Those games are here via the Legends of Learning marketplace.

Legends of Learning was started by a group of parents who saw the power of games to teach kids at home, but witnessed the same, boring textbooks being used year after year in our schools. We decided to do something about it and to rescue our kids and classrooms. The Legends of Learning team dedicated ourselves to creating games that both engage and help children master their studies using the media that they prefer — notebooks, tablets, and digital games.

We then committed to proving the efficacy of those games. Our very first act as a company was to commission a wide-ranging study with Vanderbilt University that spanned seven states. The study found that the games produced meaningful, positive impacts for students and the institutions that use them.

A teacher can use the Legends of Learning platform can engage students with games that are specifically tailored to her/his current lesson. The games employ existing national and state curriculum standards, and best-in-class game mechanics that allow students to learn through engaging repetition, trial and error, student-directed exploration, and progression.

Proven benefits of such games include higher test scores, faster comprehension of lessons, and an overall improved engagement in their studies. Learn more on our research page. If you are concerned about your child’s data, please see our privacy policy.

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