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Teacher Case Studies
Using Games To Introduce Activities, Review Material & Reinforce Lessons: Tracy Tomm & Veena Juroshek
Incorporating Games Into Lesson Plans To Impact Student Learning: Lorrie Foley & Bill Justice
Using Legends of Learning As A Hook Activity In Lessons: Kristen Boudreau & Sara Sexton
Using GBL As An Introduction To New Topics & To Review Previous Topics: Karessa Slavens & Jaclyn Cruz
Using Legends of Learning To Enhance Or Review The Knowledge Of Students: Katie Burnham & Kerrie Bettes
Using GBL To Tap Into Students’ Love Of Video Games To Inspire The Love Of Learning: Jacob Trew & Jeff Krus
Using GBL To Delve Deeper Into SOL Content In A Fun & Interactive Way: Cassandra Koch, Maddie Henson & Angela Porter
Using GBL To Continue Connecting With Students During Distance Learning: Tracy Wittmer & Brian Sheehan
Using Legends of Learning As A Reinforcing Instructional Tool: Danielle Parsons & Kimberly Todd
Using GBL As A Way To Engage Diverse, Urban Students: Amy Stafford & Christina Cruz
Using Legends of Learning To Engage Students & Provide Support During Remote Learning: Pamela Quintern
Using GBL to Reimagine Your Course Roadmap: Roderik Camacho and Jean Mellor
Empowering Student Ownership: Mike Epperson and Edna Sandoval
Adapting Lesson Plans for Virtual Learning: Georgina Asfour and Amy Gerstein
Making Difficult Concepts More Approachable: Brandon Thomas and Chelsea Wright
Developing Valuable Study Skills: Perla Rodriguez
Boosting Students’ Self-Confidence: Jenny Hermann and Rea Francisco
Using Game-Based Learning to Review and Analyze Course Content: Angela Rodgers
Creating Confident Students with Content-Aligned Games: Casi Allums
Differentiating Instruction with Content-Aligned Games: Seth Matthews
Adapting Math Curriculum for Hybrid Learning: Julie Smith
Using Content-Aligned Games to Boost Student Engagement: Penny Tellier Fox
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