15 PhET Simulations Go Live


Last October, we formed a partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder’s PhET Interactive Simulations project. This month, 15 PhET simulations went live on the LoL platform!

“PhET is a fantastic resource,” said Teresa Cobble, an eighth-grade science teacher from Atlanta, Georgia. “After being in the classroom for almost a decade, I still find it difficult to find resources that work together, are appropriate for the content I am covering and are engaging for the students. My students love Legends of Learning and the addition of PhET simulations will give them an even richer experience.”

PhET Simulations on the Legends Platform

STEM activities from PhET Interactive Simulations

Here is the complete list of PhET simulations by learning objectives available on our site:

Teachers can access PhET simulations on Legends of Learning using their free account. There is no requirement to set up a teacher account.
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