April Gameplays Brings May Science Success — April 2022


Oh April, a month of spring, lovely flowers, plenty of rain showers, and a bridge to end of year science assessments. Let’s do it well this year by including these games in your assignments to get your students ready!

New In Grades K-2

  • Iris is inviting you on an adventure to explore the structures and functions of plant and animal parts! In Masters of Function, become an expert on something all living things need to understand: how their body structures help them survive and grow! See more information on Masters of Function further below. 
  • Just like we need to understand how living things’ structures function to help with survival, external resources are also very important for growth and survival! LifeCraft helps us visualize organization of matter and energy flow in organisms. In this game scenario, travel through space, setting up the ideal conditions for life on different planets!
  • When lightning causes the city to blackout and dangerous vampires take over, just one hope remains: The Enlightened Hero! Help our hero save the day by restoring the city’s illumination of objects. Always remember, vampires don’t like light!
  • Zigzag! Up and down! Back and forth! Round and round! Fast and slow! If you read this and leave for a theme park to ride a roller coaster, I don’t blame you. Now for those of you still here, let’s chat about the ways objects move. Actually, let’s avoid the discussion, and head straight to Motion Riddles  to solve riddles using the movement of objects!

Updates to Existing Games In Grades K-2

  • Our first game listed above, Masters of Function, has already been updated by the game developer! A bug is fixed in the memory-match mini games which made it possible to flip 3 cards at the same time. Sounds like this game’s structures and functions have grown to help it survive 😉

New In Grades 3-5

  • Can we all agree that hot air balloons are criminally underrated? I don’t know if I’d want to be in one (#claustrophobic), but what a crazy technology! Who said “hey let’s blast hot air in a big balloon and we’ll be able to fly around.” Anyway, Balloon’s Matter Escape is a perfect game to understand the structure of matter. When we understand how particles of matter are structured, we can understand how balloons filled with hot air can fly!

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 3-5

  • Erosive Voyage is updated with stronger overall technical performance and faster loading, along with general gameplay improvements to keep students excited and engaged! Find this game in topics on weathering and erosion.
  • ​Good Fishing is updated with cleaner dialogue and enhancements to technical performance. Find this game in topics on biodiversity and humans.
  • Masterplant is updated to work on iPad, and has added more tutorials on fertilization and the game objectives bars while reinforcing concept explanations. Find this game in topics on plant structure and function.

New In Grades 6-8

  • If you still have tournament fever after March Madness concluded, you’re in luck! In Moon Racer, compete in the Moon Phases Tournament and learn about the lunar phases! Remember, knowing those phases wins championships!
  • Choose your favorite Stellar Robots and go explore our solar system! Be aware, each planet is needy and requires you to recognize and collect its main features. And watch out for dangerous asteroids! Turn them to stardust with a laser ray. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself and recycle any space junk you spot. Are you Stellar enough for the entire Solar System? 
  • If you play Stellar Robots and realize your space recycling skills need work, hop on over to the game Space Cleaning Program. You will be commanding the L.o.L. Newton, a spaceship that efficiently transports all garbage to the disposal station. How you move is important to make sure you clean up as much garbage as possible to keep space clean. Learn the factors influencing motion, Newton’s first and second laws, to become the best ship commander that space has ever seen!
  • Joule Thieves are about, and they want energy, in all its forms! Maybe if they understand conservation of energy, they’ll do more without stealing so much! Practice by rolling marbles down ramps, feeding cheese to dogs, and placing batteries in light bulbs. Take these skills to the thieves and teach how to change energy from one form to many others! See more information on Joule Thieves further below. 
  • No shade on unicellular organisms, as it’s pretty remarkable how they survive while so small, but multicellular organisms are so cool. All of the body’s systems interacting with each other for years, subconsciously, is fascinating. Even animals are soaking in the knowledge: in The Spark of Life, a scientific rabbit wants your help to build a robot friend that mimics how multicellular organisms systems interact with each other!
  • A mysterious microscope has graced Robert Hooke’s lab. He takes a peak, and all the sudden, he’s transported into the microscopic world he was just viewing! In The Discovery of Robert Hooke, you will view cells up close and better understand how they are the building blocks of life. See more information on The Discovery of Robert Hooke and cells and life further below.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 6-8

  • Buzz Reacto & the Tree of Life has significantly improved technical performance by removing browser errors! Additionally, the dialogue has been upgraded with more readable elements, and long levels have been shortened with more focus on the right gameplay / academic features. Find this game in topics on chemical reactions: evidence of a reaction.
  • Jurassic Area has fixed many minor experience related bugs and rough patches to make the gameplay experience much smoother, so the students can focus on the fun and academics! The game also now saves student progress so students can stop and resume at a later date without starting from the beginning. Find this game in topics on solving problems with area, surface area and volume.
  • Tectonic Designers has made some fun adjustments to the game story and content integration, and we think it will be an even better experience for players! The loading time is also reduced for those who can’t wait to play 🙂 Find this game in topics on plate tectonics.
  • Gravity and the Birth of our Solar System has a simple but effective update — improving the resolution! Now students can better see the amazing artistic elements in the game. Find this game in topics on gravity and our solar system.
  • Cell Attack has an update to all of our latest features, including text to speech, saving and loading student progress, Spanish translation, and overall better technical performance! Find this game in topics on parts of the cell for plants and animals.
  • Magnetism also has an update to all of our latest features, including text to speech, saving and loading student progress, Spanish translation, and overall better technical performance! Find this game in topics on electric and magnetic forces.

A Closer Look at New Games


Masters of Function — K-2 Science (Structure and Function)

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Join Iris in learning everything about animal and plant structures and functions. You’ll learn what structures are, while solving fun puzzles, and then learn about their functions with colorful graphics and memory games. You’ll experience how animals use their structures and functions to survive in their habitat. Later, you’ll learn how humans can solve problems by mimicking solutions used by plants and animals.


Joule Thieves — Middle Science (Conservation of Energy)

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Thieves are about, and they want energy, in all its forms! Roll marbles down ramps, feed cheese to dogs, and batteries to lightbulbs! Change energy from one form to many others, and get the thieves what they want!


The Discovery of Robert Hooke — Middle Science (Cells and Life)

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Robert Hooke’s discovery, a microscopic adventure: The great scientist Robert Hooke has found something curious to see in his microscope, and in the blink of an eye he is mysteriously transported to a microscopic world. Join Robert Hooke in his great adventure through the cellular world discovering and classifying different types of cells, facing and overcoming amazing challenges, and becoming the most famous and adventurous scientist of the century.

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email support@legendsoflearning.com.


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