You’ve heard of Awakening. Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve seen your students play a 3D game and have no idea what it is. If you feel like you need an awakening on Awakening with Legends of Learning, this blog is for you, where it’s all broken down in question and answer format. 

What is Awakening by Legends of Learning?

Awakening is an educational, immersive, 3D game that Legends’ own professional game studio creates. The same games from the Legends platform (that are made by game developers worldwide) are built into the Awakening game.


The first time a student signs into Awakening, they will create an avatar that represents their personal style! 

Is Awakening educational?


The same minigames and assessment questions from the core Legends of Learning platform are built into the Awakening game. That means the same math and science games students play at school are available through a “sister” gaming platform to continue their learning. 


Is Freeplay related to Awakening? 

Yes. What we call “freeplay” is the time your students play Awakening when they’ve completed your assignments. 


My students seem to be able to play Awakening when not in my class. How is that happening? 


Awakening has a “Play On Your Own” option. That may be how they’re accessing the game during homeroom or when at home and not immediately jumping into it from your assignment. 


What’s different about the Awakening game experience than the normal Legends of Learning assignment experience? 

>> Educational progress

When playing a teacher assignment on Legends of Learning, students’ learning objective and grade level are set by the teacher. During post-assignment Freeplay, students will receive questions that correspond with both the grade level and the learning objective(s) of the teacher assignment they last completed.  


If students come to Awakening through the Play On Your Own option, students will answer questions through their selected learning objective(s) based on their grade level.  Students start one grade level below and work their way through math and/or science standards…the more questions they answer correctly, the faster they progress through topics: students receive 1 point for a correct answer, and lose ½ point for an incorrect answer. Once students score a total of 10 points in a topic, they are marked as proficient and are determined to have “beat” that topic and will progress on to the next LO within the same grade level. 


>> Math vs Science selection

From a teacher assignment, students cannot change their grade level or topic within Awakening.


When playing at home, a student can select which topic they engage with: Math or science, as well as select (and change) both their grade level and topic at any time.


>> Video game experience

Games within Legends of Learning tend to be 2D games (think old school Nintendo) with individual games following its own unique story or goal whereas Awakening is a 3D game that has a general goal of learning through question “battles” similar to Pokemon, and with a consistent storyline of the student as their “avatar character.” 


>> Quiz format

Within Legends, questions are asked within the minigames and with the same theme of the minigame, itself. 


Within Awakening, students explore the town and use their “Beastie squad” to engage in educational “combat” against opponent beasties (similar to Pokemon characters and their battles). Students are rewarded for answering content-related questions correctly and winning battles. The questions students encounter in the beastie battles relate to the topic of the assignment they just completed…talk about reinforcing learning! 


Can I see my students’ performance in Awakening?
Yes, teachers can track student progress through independent Awakening play to see which standards they have mastered in both math and science. Parents can also create a Legends of Learning Parent Account to track their child’s progress in Awakening!


…that’s Awakening in a nutshell! 


The Awakening experience, whether as assignment Freeplay or a student’s independent Play On Your Own time, is a great way to re-engage students in math and science content.


If you have further questions about Awakening, please reach out to the team at

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