New things in Awakening!


Awakening’s New Features for Students and Teachers!

Announcing teacher-friendly updates to Awakening. Based on teacher feedback our Legendary game developers and engineers have created ways for teachers to assign focus areas to students and a new Quizzler game!

During the school day (until 3 pm local time) students will play in Awakening School. Teachers have the option to assign a focus area (standard) for their students to experience during beastie battles. This focus area ensures that all questions during their beastie battles come from that standard. Focus areas can be different for each individual student. This is a great way to differentiate to meet the needs of all of your students. Teachers can view data on the percent of questions each student got correct during each beastie battle. Students must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly in a battle of at least five items in order to master an assigned focus area.

new things in awakening

In the lobby of the school, students can play in the Quizzler Game Show where they can play alone or with other students. There are two types of rounds within the game:

  • Question Rounds where students answer a question. The question answered will be related to the grade level and the subject selected in their account.
  • Luck Rounds where students test their luck and select one of the letters. If the spinner doesn’t land on the chosen letter, then Quizzler gameplay continues. If the spinner lands on the letter selected, the student is dropped from the game show and eliminated! Playing in the Quizzler Game Show helps a student earn more Knowledge Points.
new things in awakening

After hours and on the weekend, in addition to visiting the Awakening School, your students can ride the gondola to experience Awakening Town. This is where they can engage in other fun activities that are not found in the school all while continuing to work on the teacher-assigned Focus Area(s) during beastie battles.

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