Awakening by Legends of Learning: Introducing the Latest Features

Awakening - New Features

Awakening by Legends of Learning isn’t just a game; it’s a revolution in educational experiences. This immersive, multiplayer world offers a treasure trove of curriculum-aligned math and science content, all wrapped in a captivating and fun package.

The new version takes things a step further, introducing exciting features designed to supercharge student engagement and academic achievement. But before we delve into the new additions, let’s explore the core of Awakening’s success: the power of game-based learning.

The Power of Game-based Learning: Engaging Experience

Traditional education often relies on rote memorization and passive learning, which can leave students feeling disengaged and uninspired. By incorporating game-based learning principles, Awakening transforms learning into an active, dynamic experience.

This approach taps into the power of emotions in learning. When students experience enjoyment, a sense of accomplishment, and a healthy dose of friendly competition, they become more motivated to explore and learn.

Awakening’s Newest Features: A Glimpse into the Future of Education

The latest version of Awakening builds upon its core strengths, offering innovative features that enhance the learning experience:

Streamlined Assignments: “Teacher Quests” and “District Quests” are now seamlessly integrated into the game world. Students can easily access, complete, and revisit assignments within Awakening, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Enhanced World Exploration: Beastie riding and customizable trails add a layer of fun and personalization to navigating Awakening. These features provide additional motivation for students to collect Beasties and explore all corners of the game.

Expanded Learning Content: Exciting new minigames broaden the learning horizons within Awakening. Students encounter fresh, engaging learning experiences that complement the existing curriculum-aligned content.

The New Awakening School Is Here

Accessibility for All: Text-to-speech functionality on message popups ensures that all students, regardless of their reading level, can fully participate in the game. This feature fosters inclusivity and ensures no student is left behind.

Personalized Support: Just-in-Time Learning promises to be a game-changer. Students struggling with specific concepts will receive personalized recommendations from their in-game guide, Tuto, directing them to relevant learning materials. This targeted support will help students catch up and solidify their understanding.

So why wait? Head over to Awakening today and unleash the power of game-based learning in your classroom!

Beyond the Game: The Benefits of Awakening for Teachers and Students

The impact of Awakening extends far beyond the virtual world. Teachers and students alike benefit from its innovative approach:

awakening the wilds
Teachers benefit for…

Detailed Reporting: Data-rich reports provide educators with invaluable insights into student performance on specific topics. This allows teachers to tailor their instruction and identify areas where students might need extra help.

Curriculum Alignment: Awakening offers a vast library of curriculum-aligned games, ensuring that students are practicing and mastering relevant math and science concepts.

Multimodal Learning Support: Awakening empowers teachers to create engaging multimodal learning experiences, blending classroom instruction with multimedia educational assets, and curriculum-aligned game-based learning tools.

multimodal learning

Students are happy because of…

Unlimited Options: Students have access to over 2,000 curriculum-aligned math and science games, fostering a love for learning both at school and at home.

Personalized Learning: Students can customize their avatars, adding a playful element to their experience.

Learn at Their Own Pace: Awakening allows students to progress individually, ensuring they fully understand each topic before moving forward. This personalized approach fosters confidence and a deep understanding of the material.

Embrace Productive Struggle: Awakening provides a safe and rewarding environment where students can tackle challenges. Through engaging gameplay, they’ll develop valuable problem-solving skills and celebrate their achievements.

awakening battle

Boost Cognitive Function: Studies show that Awakening enhances cognitive function and learning comprehension. Interactive games stimulate the brain, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the summer months.

Explore Unforgettable Experiences: Awakening goes beyond textbooks! Students embark on virtual adventures, conduct simulations, and explore fascinating topics, all while strengthening their math and science knowledge.

Motivation and Competition: Leaderboards and quiz games inject a healthy dose of competition, keeping students engaged and motivated to excel.

Awakening: Transforming Education in the Digital Age

Awakening’s commitment to innovation and its focus on student engagement have earned it well-deserved recognition, including the 2023 Parent Teacher Choice Award. 

Furthermore, research-backed effectiveness and unique features make Awakening one of the top educational tools of choice in digitally-enabled classrooms. 

Students Playing Legends of Learning Show Higher Test Scores!

Key Takeaways

  1. Awakening offers a revolutionary approach to education through game-based learning. It utilizes games, points, badges, and leaderboards to make learning fun and engaging.
  2. The latest version introduces several exciting features: streamlined assignments, enhanced world exploration with Beastie riding and trails, expanded learning content with third-party minigames, improved accessibility with text-to-speech, and personalized support with Just-in-Time Learning. Assistant guide Tuto now offers help and suggestions for learning games and videos if a student needs them.
  3. A tool that benefits both teachers and students. Teachers gain access to detailed reports and curriculum-aligned content, while students enjoy unlimited access to learning games, personalized avatars, and a motivating competitive environment.
  4. Legends of Learning is a recognized leader in educational gaming. It boasts research-backed effectiveness and awards like the 2023 Parent Teacher Choice Award.
  5. The latest version features 10 exclusive minigames. These 10 custom games offer fresh approaches to learning, engaging students in exciting ways.

Awakening is a powerful tool for transforming classrooms and making learning enjoyable for students of all ages. Feel free to explore Legends of Learning’s website to discover all about the exciting ways it can transform students’ learning journey!

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