Now our Awakening game is available for you to use with your class!

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Play is a proven primary way in which children learn and develop skills. It also happens to be the most fun way to learn!

1) Learning doesn’t have to stop when school is over

Over 1M students already play Legends of Learning Math & science games every month in class.  Now you can give them a super fun educational experience at home too!

2) For Teachers: Engage students and track progress.

Assign Awakening to play in class, as homework, or test prep. Students play the game with a custom created avatar. You view student progress, broken out by games played and assessments completed, in the Awakening assignment report.


Student Progress View


Question Data


3) For Students: Focused Fun and Engagement

Set up epic battles for your students in standards-aligned topics, and include instructional games to help students prepare for battles!

Students battle enemies with cards they collect, all while earning currency to customize their very own avatars.  

And best of all, students love playing Awakening and will ask to play more!


Legends of Learning — Awakening game screenshot


Legends of Learning — Awakening gameplay screenshot


Haven’t logged in recently? Check out more you can do with Legends of Learning:

  • NEW: Students have more body types to choose from when creating avatars
  • NEW: Quickly find Topics and Games using our search section
  • NEW: Assign homework and get student progress reports in a reporting dashboard.
  • Import classes with Google Classroom or custom rostering*
  • Find topics quickly using state-aligned standards (ie. NGSS, TEKS, SOL, + many more!) 
  • Get our highest ranked games in front of students with just a few clicks!
  • Create in-depth, curated assignments of games and assessments

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