The Latest Teacher Features! (Spooky Edition)
Oct 2021

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Welcome to the Halloween edition of Features for Teachers!

We sincerely hope this October provides a cornucopia of treats for your classroom and so let’s get straight into the latest developments from Legends of Learning:

Using Teacher-Created Assignments

Want to know a “trick” that is actually a “treat?”

Many assignments created in Legends by teachers just like you are available for YOU to use! While they are not currently searchable within the platform, you can find them via a search engine like Google. From there, you can use them as-is or edit them before assigning (i.e. change the games, add an assessment, change the description, etc.).


Here’s how to find publicly-available assignments:

  • Go to Google (or other search engine like Bing or Yahoo!)
  • Search for your standard or topic like “Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures” (PROTIP: add “assignment on legends of learning” to your search query to be sure you’ll get great game assignments in your results) (for example, check this out)
  • Scroll Google search results to find the result starting with

  • Click on the link and check out the assignment landing page.

  • When signed in, you can push the assignment to your students or copy and edit the assignment first!

This makes teaching through games your class will love even easier!

Create Assignments on Your Mobile Device!

Get excited. We know you’re busy and you’re not always by your desk or at your computer. So, for when you need to create assignments from your mobile phone, we’ve made that easier for you!

We’ll continue to make more of the site mobile-friendly but, in the meantime, creating and viewing assignments on a mobile device get a big 👍  !



















Coming Soon – A New Experience for Students

A brand-new Awakening experience is coming to your in-classroom assignment soon!

This improved Freeplay experience for students will replace the current “Play on Your Own” option, as well as the game students can play post-assignment. Don’t worry: what the new game adds in engagement and the collection of pets named “Beasties,” it keeps the same fun learning environment complete with custom Avatars.

We are very excited and will be sharing an exact release date with you soon!

Check out the trailer:





And always, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to email:

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