December New Features

New Features

Aside from all of the holiday cookies, pies and treats galore in our lives right now, Legends of Learning is sweetening the experience on the platform with these five recent updates. Let’s count them down for you! From improved assessments and student group experiences, to updates to one of our most popular games, we may have knocked some things off your holiday list early. (we hope so, anyway!)


5. Images in Assessments

For teacher-created assessments (or quizzes, if you will), images can now be added to them! Whether this is for math problems to show angles or to help students visualize fractions, or for science lessons to reference planets or other particles, this should help teachers and students get more in-depth on questions beyond a general text multiple choice item.


4. K-2 Science

For K-2 science topics, learning objectives have more instructional game coverage and have been broken into more categories to distinguish between all of the content. 


3. More Student Groups Capabilities

Teachers can now sort their groups by name and date, to help delineate between same-named groups between multiple semesters or school years. In addition, student groups can now be assigned with different colors! So, gone are the days of pushing an assignment to the wrong group, whether you’re trying to better distinguish between different class periods, course level or language needs, for example. 


2. Updated Teacher Referrals

Referring other teachers just got easier! You may not always have a teacher’s email address handy and you don’t want to take the time to send them a separate email. No worries, with the new referral experience, you’ll be able to find colleagues by name and click “Invite” and we’ll take care of sending an email invitation their way. 


1. Basketball Master Updates

Everyone’s favorite game, Basketball Master, has been updated! You’ll love the new standards-aligned content questions added to the

 game. Your students will love the awesome new visual improvements. 


If you have any suggestions that would make your experience using Legends of Learning better, we’re just an email away:


Until next year, may your days be merry and bright and may the year ahead be a healthy and happy one for you and yours.






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