New Features for the New Year

New Features

While the countdown to the New Year is over, the count of new features on the platform has begun!


Last year we made importing grades through Google easier, launched games in Spanish, allow you to use teacher-made assignments, strengthened game content and much, much more. This year we’re kicking things off with some more exciting updates.


Let’s shine a light on video!

Video can now be included in teacher-created assignments.

“If a picture paints a thousand words, a video is worth a million,” right? Sometimes a video clip is all you need to dynamically explain a topic. And now, through the redesigned assignment builder, you can do just that!

The newly created Assignment Builder now allows you to select a video in the [ + ] drop down.

From there, paste in your YouTube or Vimeo link and it will be added as an activity within your assignment!

Here are a couple items to note:

  • Only YouTube allows for a teacher to specify timed segments of a video to be shown. That means the full Vimeo video will be seen by the student before progressing on.
  • If Youtube or Vimeo is blocked by the student’s network, if the video has since been deleted, or if for any reason the video cannot load, the student will be notified and will be able to skip the activity. Teachers are also are notified in the Live Assignment view that the video would not load for the student and that the video activity was skipped.

Reference this help article in the future.


Browse the better way.

Selecting the right standard-aligned games has been made more straight-forward within the Browse experience! Once you navigate to the page, you’ll be able to quickly select which topic is the most relevant to you:

Keep drilling down from there and remember: you can always bookmark pages for future and even more convenient use!


Invite teachers easier.

This stays between you and us: we’ve seen you input teacher email addresses with typos… and then try again… and then try again. It’s okay, we get it: name spellings and email formats can be tricky! To make the process of inviting a friend as easy as the platform itself, simply find your colleague from the list provided and we’ll send the email.


**don’t forget! For every teacher who accepts your invitation and has students join their launched assignments, you’ll each earn a bonus 10,000 Her Points to use in our Rewards Program and Sweepstakes!


There’s more awesome to come this year, just you wait. Thanks for joining us on this journey, wishing all of you a healthy (and sane) rest of the school year!!


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