Math and Science Assignments: NGSS, Common Core, FL, TX TEKS, VA SOL


Putting together lesson plans is timely and you don’t always want to repeat the same playbook, we get it. So, to help you more easily find free, fun math activities or games on science to change things up in the classroom (while still keeping the content educational), we’ve compiled over a thousand top-rated, standards-aligned, teacher-made assignments for you!

All assignments are free to use and are aligned to Common Core, NGSS, or other standardized state curriculum. These assignments incorporate game-based learning practices, so they incorporate instructional video games and quizzes and have been created by teachers just like you!


To get started:

1. Find the subject and grade you’re teaching from the relevant Google spreadsheet below

2. Search for the standard ID or name and click the link to view the assignment

3. Current users will need to login, new users will need to create an account and add their students

4. From there, you can edit the assignment as you wish, or decide to push the assignment to your class, exactly how it is

**Pro tip: be sure to bookmark this spreadsheet as we’ll be continuing to update it with more assignments!


Math Assignments:

Elementary School:

Middle School:

Science Assignments:

Elementary School:

Middle School:

Not sure how to use Legends of Learning assignments?

Here’s how teachers across the country use Legends of Learning games and quizzes:

  • As a bell ringer
  • To assist lagging students
  • For early finishers
  • As a solution for differentiated learning
  • To help with IEPs
  • Within a station rotation
  • To introduce a topic
  • To reinforce a topic
  • To review a topic
  • For ELL students

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