Math and Science Teachers Review Legends of Learning


Emily Weichert 

TX: Caldwell Intermediate School, 5th grade science

  • “What’s so important to me is that the students are choosing Legends of Learning and not forcing it on them. They’ll play it because it’s fun and they don’t realize they’re learning because of the video game aspect of it. It’s impactful for students because sometimes with state testing and standardized testing, we’ve lost the fun in education. We spend so much time drilling and killing questions: the students know it’s a game and they’re doing higher level thinking without the strain.”
  • “I love it because I can individualize it, whether at a class or individual student level whether it’s a lower level, at grade level or just moving them forward to another topic. I put my own child on it because it’s worth it. I wouldn’t put my students on anything I wouldn’t put my child on. My students can work independently with it.”
  • Using it both for expansion and review, Emily uses Legends in small groups and 1:1 sessions to do something impactful, while also letting students have fun and be engaged while learning. She finds Legends of Learning to be very student oriented. 


Becky Thompson 

OH: Centerburg Elementary School, 4th grade math and science

  • Becky finds the mini games fun and challenging for her students. With the data provided by the platform, she has a good understanding of her students’ subject mastery and will restart an assignment if she sees someone hasn’t grasped concepts well.
  • Legends of Learning assignments are shared with other teachers and is built into the plan for station rotations.
  • “After a year of being at home and being constantly ‘entertained’ or with more attention, Legends helps students be more independent.”


Tarissa Mazetti 

PA: Altoona Area School District Substitute, 4th grade math and science

  • When Tarissa first used Legends of Learning for Earth Science, she expected one simple game and later was surprised and loved that there are so many games offered in a variety of topics. As a substitute, she’s since assigned games to her students covering transfer of motion energy, the solar system, finding volume using fractional side lengths, irrational numbers and scientific notation most recently!
  • She finds Legends to be very user-friendly and likes that the games don’t need a lot of thorough explanation for her students. 
  • Legends is assigned during WIN time: she can assign different games to different groups (either challenging or on grade level) for customized learning.

Brandy Copeland

AL: Alexandria Middle School, 5th grade science

  • At the end of a unit, early finishers are allowed to use Legends, and is often used during the enrichment time for advanced students.
  • In addition, Brandy checks the reporting for a student’s progress so that she can create another assignment for those students requiring remediation. 
  • “It can be so hard to find good science knowledge banks but Legends does provide both breadth and depth of content. It sometimes goes deeper than I was expecting!”


Brooks Amick

SC: Spartanburg Prep (a K-9 charter school), 3rd grade Math, STEM/STEAM

  • Brooks adds Legends into his standard lesson plan as an enforcement tool after the set instruction and is also often included in his guided math and science groups stations.
  • Brooks finds that Legends of Learning is challenging and that grouping students is helpful for differentiated learning.
  • As a paid user, Brooks also uses the available lesson plans to teach subjects.




Legends of Learning games is (and always will be) free for teachers to use! Legends of Learning game-based learning approach offers standards-aligned content through more than 2,000 games with over 100,000 questions. Actionable reporting helps teachers assess students’ understanding with student grouping allowing for differentiated learning. Over 10 million students and teachers across the country use Legends of Learning’s research-backed approach. Sign up for a free account to try this engaging and impactful approach in your own classroom today.

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