Getting Back to Game Instruction


Welcome back to another Legendary school year! Getting your classes re-engaged in Legends of Learning’s math and science games are a great way to combat the dreaded summer learning loss. Here are a few tips to get your school year off to a great start with Legends of Learning.


Archiving Students and Groups

Ready to clear out your old rosters and get your new students set up? Use one of our archiving tools to quickly clear out last year’s students.

Option 1: Use our Clean Slate banner to clear out your students in one click! Find the purple button at the top of your Students & Groups page and click Get Started.

Option 2: Don’t see the Clean Slate banner? Never fear…we have a backup method for you! From your Students & Groups page, click ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Archive All Students’.

Once last year’s students are cleared out, you can import new students from Google Classroom, or have students sign up and enter your teacher code in order to populate on your student list.


Adding Co-Teachers

If you work with co-teachers in your classroom or students see enrichment or intervention specialists, add them as a co-teacher to your Legends of Learning account!

From their own accounts, co-teachers can view your student list, assignments, and data. Additionally, they can assign work to students as needed.

Under Students & Groups, click Co-Teachers to get started.

Need more information on how to add co-teachers and the access they receive? Check out this article for additional details! 


Share Assignments with Colleagues

Ramp up your team planning this year by sharing Legends of Learning assignments with your grade level team! 

Create the perfect Legends of Learning assignment by adding your own assessment questions…perhaps questions directly from upcoming benchmark assessments to prepare students for success.

Or, spice up your assignment by adding a video to pre-teach the content before students play an instructional game.

Either way, when your assignment is just right, celebrate by sharing it with your teammates to assign to their class. Now, all students can get in on the fun!

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