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When the new Awakening experience rolled out last year, there was a lot of excitement for Beastie battles and the immersive world students could interact with. Now Awakening School is a reality!

As with anything, there were also some call-outs from teachers about the student’s Awakening Free Play time experience. Here are a few points that we heard:

  • The vastness of the New Awakening world was too time-intensive for the post-assignment, in-classroom experience
  • The interactive aspects of Awakening were fun but teachers wanted more academic value

To ensure the best Awakening experience, both from an academic and engagement perspective, we are excited to announce that this new school year also brings a new School experience within the Awakening world!

Now, when students complete an assignment and continue with Free Play, they will enter into the Awakening School. Joined by other students who have also completed that assignment, the school experience keeps some of the same Awakening aspects that teachers and students love:

  • Beastie battles that are both fun and academically challenging
  • Assessment questions paired to the same standard as the assignment they just completed

What’s new is that students will stay within this more structured environment that offers:

  • A more contained, focused environment to engage with
  • Both mini-games and Beastie battles aligned to the same standard of the assignment just completed
  • Interactive elements that teach both math and science content
  • Access to both math and science content at the student’s set grade level

Let’s look at those interactive game elements.

Math in the Math Classroom:

  • access math mini-games from the Game Station
  • play math Cards to learn operations through visualization

Math outside on the playground:

  • learn math factor sets on the interactive grid: jump on a number and the two correlating numbers highlight. (For example: when a student steps on 6, 2, and 3 highlight)
  • tackle the jungle gym challenge: answer math questions from the Coach to collect stars

Science in the Science Classroom:

  • access science mini-games from the Game Station
  • play the Physics Toolbox: interactively stack elements to learn about forces and motion. This game challenges students through experimentation and failure–a fun way for students to acquire those 21st-century skills!

Science Outside on the Playground:

  • Learn about chemical elements through an interactive periodic table: kick a ball to an element to see its uses and composition

Gamification Rewards for Students

All mini-games, Beastie battles, and interactive elements provide students with the opportunity to win coins. This is a great way to reward students for their efforts. Just like before, coins can be used to update their avatars within the school (or, they can save their coins and play Awakening at home to gain new dance moves or add items to their house).

So, Teacher Heroes, rest easy knowing that your students are now immersed in fun learning experiences, even when they’re done playing your assignment. For more information about the Awakening School, view this Knowledgebase article.

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