Back To School With These Stellar Science Games! — September 2022


Welcome your students back to a new school year with these fun Science games!

(Reminder: all games are introduced first. Scroll below to see images and more in-depth information about them!)

New in Grades 3-5 

Use the steps of the scientific method to conquer Sugar Monsters when they attack the island in Candy Rush! Will the scientist’s hypothesis prove effective against the unhealthy horde? Find Candy Rush featured further on in this post.

Help Rook save the day as a volcano erupts and disrupts the ecosystem in Rumbling Ecosystems. Learn about how the ecosystem functions and is resilient in an ever changing world. 

New in Grades 6-8 

Learn about the Rock Cycle and everything else that rocks while helping Marble free his band mates from the clutches of Lord Borem in The Stones Fest.  Find The Stones Fest featured further on in this post.

Shrink to microscopic size to fix the mainframe computer in Atomic Scientist. Your helpful robot companion will guide you through the subatomic world of atoms and help you model elements. Find Atomic Scientist featured further on in this post.

Learn about interaction in the ecosystem as Rook and Ant establish a new Ant Colony.  

When Sugar monsters attack the island you must discover their weakness using the steps of the scientific method in Sugar Rush! Will the scientist’s hypothesis prove effective against the unhealthy horde? This is the middle school version of Candy Rush. Find Sugar Rush featured further on in this post.

Updates to Existing Games in Grades 3-5

The Knight Of Earth has been updated to add save and load checkpoints, text to speech, and Spanish language support . This game quizzes students about the Greenhouse Effect

Updates to Existing Games in Grades 6-8

Lunar Snap has been upgraded and optimized to perform better on student Chromebooks! Take photos of the moon and identify different phases while in space with Amy the astronaut!

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Candy Rush / Sugar Rush— Elementary / Middle Science (Scientific Method)

Game screenshot and description:

Discover the process of SCIENTIFIC METHOD by saving the islands from candy monsters!


The Stones Fest – Middle Science (The Rock Cycle)

Game screenshot and description:

Your rock band has been kidnapped by Lord Borem who wants to steal your mates talent to become the best guitarist on Earth. Help Marble, the guitarist, to rescue his friends using your rock cycle knowledge. This game features a full story and a practice mode. In story mode, your students will go over a complete lesson about rock formation and geological processes. You’ll rescue your friends by creating rocks of each type, collect all the patches for your vest, and defeat Lord Borem in an epic rock cycle knowledge battle. The practice mode offers a summary of the same rock cycle topics in a shorter gameplay — it’s perfect to prepare your students before an assessment.


Atomic Scientist — Middle Science (Atoms and Elements)

Game screenshot and description:

You are a scientist and your main computer is broken. You and your robot friend will go together in a shrinking machine to the microscopic world where you can use advanced technology to synthesize atoms that you’ll need to fix the computer! Play fun minigames where you will understand everything about atoms and elements!

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

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