May the Force of Learning Be With These New Science Games — May 2023


May the Force of Learning Be With These New Science Games — May 2023

(Reminder: all new games are introduced first, with a few featured further below with more images and in-depth information about them!)

New in Grades 3-5 

Help Daisy to recover her eggs from the cunning fox and learn more about animal Structure and Function. Find Cluck ‘N’ Solve featured further on in this post.

Featured in Grades 3-5

Let’s break the spell cast by the evil witch! Learn about Collisions and Forces while applying them to find the treasure hidden inside the castle. Find Force Castle featured further on in this post.

New Games in Grades 6-8

Help GAIA to find the right combination of her reagents to evolve new creatures. Learn more about the Chemical Reactions: Evidence of a Reaction as you experiment. Find The Cao’s Evolution: Chemical Reactions featured further on in this post.

Learn all the required elements a plant needs for Photosynthesis (sunlight, chloroplasts, water, and oxygen) and its effect on our planet. Find Plant Power featured further on in this post.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Cluck ‘N’ Solve — Elementary Science (Animal Structure and Function)

Game screenshot and description:

Get ready for an exciting puzzle game that will teach you about animal structures! Join Daisy, a brave chicken, on her adventure to recover her stolen eggs from a cunning fox. Explore various environments and plan your moves carefully to avoid running out of food. Use the animal structures to navigate and evade the foxes, who will stop at nothing to catch you. Let’s cluck and solve!


Force Castle — Elementary Science (Collisions and Forces)

Game screenshot and description:

Venture into the castle to find the treasure. Learn about forces, collisions, friction, and magnets!


The Cao’s Evolution: Chemical Reactions — Middle Science (Chemical Reactions: Evidence of a Reaction)

Game screenshot and description:

GAIA has been waiting for you for a long time. His mission is to find humans capable of combining the correct reagents that help evolve a new species: the CAOs, who were created in a laboratory to help humanity restore a world destroyed by climatic changes.


Plant Power — Middle Science (Photosynthesis)

Game screenshot and description:

A simple adventure about a duck and his journey planting trees in an empty land and eating all the fruits which made him unable to fly.


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

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